Monday, October 29, 2018

Great Barrier Reef and a few other areas in Queensland

I started out my trip staying at Canberrra for a week before we rented a van and drove from there to Sydney to Port MacQuarie to the Gold Coast in Queensland.  We stayed in Black Mountain, Queensland and visited Noosa Head Beach.  Went to the Australian Zoo in Brisbane and on to Rockhampton, Queenland.  We visited Blacks Beach and Airlie Beach, Conway Beach and Whitehaven Beach .   Ending our trip in Townsville and flew back to Canberra from there.  It was an amazing trip for me!  One that I will never forget.  The beaches were so beautiful.  I appreciate so much that I was able to go and got back home safe and sound.  Thanks be to God!

Taronga Zoo in Sydney.....Australian Zoo in Brisbane

We visited 3 different Zoos on our trip.  My pictures are kind of mixed far as which photo was  taken at which Zoo.  They were all very nice.  I was unable to join them on a lot of the walks they went I don't have a lot of photos.  

Getting to hold a Koala was something the girls really wanted to do.  One Zoo only let adults hold them so Brian held one while the girls got to pet them or touch them.

Not the best photo... but got to see a Kookaburra.

Another thing on their bucket get to zip line and climb and walk on narrow ropes.  Brave girls!

I could not believe how tame all the kangaroos were!  We only see them at our Zoo here behind a wall.  In Australia they come to your yard.

I was also amazed at the beautiful birds everywhere.  Freely flying where they please.

Sydney Harbor Boat Cruise

Our last day at Sydney we took a cruise of the Harbor area.  I enjoyed this cruise so much!

Sydney Aquarium

Kayla loves learning about sharks, so this trip to the Sydney Aquarium was on her bucket list.

She knew so much about all the sharks and fish.

This is a sea monster.  So cute!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sydney...... Luna Park

We got to Sydney late in the day and checked into our hotel.  I had to take a picture of these toiletries.  I just thought it was hilarious.

Maddie and Kayla came up with a little skit.  So cute!

Later we went to Luna Park.  It is an old fashioned carnival that has been there many years.  There was talk of it being torn down.....and it has been a landmark near the bridge for a long time.  I hope it gets to stay.  Everyone had a great time!

Off We Go......First Stop....Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls was a half way stop to Sydney.  We toured around and had lunch.  So glad we did!  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  I highly recommend you go there if you are in the area.

Spending time with Katy and Brooks until the Big Trip

I have really missed ...just getting to spend time with Brooks....playing with play doh, coloring, building blocks, etc.

 If the TV is on... he will not usually look at me for a photo.
Here he is sweeping the floor.

A few weeks before I left I was busy making two weighted blankets for Brooks.  I think they turned out pretty good.  He didn't like them as much as I had hoped he would, but I think it is because he already has his favorites.  He may start liking them once he realizes the comfort the weighted ones have.  Favorite blankies make a big difference to them when they are tired.  I have a few favorites myself.


Questacon is a science and technology centre in Canberra.  We all went there on a Saturday.  Even with my walker....I wasn't able to keep up with everyone so I didn't get a lot of photos.  I mainly stayed in the area where Brooks could freely play.  I was pretty impressed with it.  Just wish I were in better health to keep up with them.  I enjoyed what I did get to see.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Floriade is a flower and entertainment festival held annually in Canberra's Commonwealth Park featuring extensive displays of flowering bulbs with integrated sculptures and other artistic features. Floriade comes from the Latin word floriat, which means to design with flowers.

The festival attracts tourists from around Australia and overseas in spring from mid September to mid October each year, and is considered the most important regular event for tourism in the Australian Capital Territory. It is also called "Australia's Celebration of Spring". After some controversy regarding an entry charge, admission to Floriade has been free for a number of years.

Me and Brooks hanging out.  

The girls had a lot of fun in these bubbles.