Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Season

Well, I suppose today is kind of the first official day of our Christmas Season. The day after Thanksgiving when all the "shopping" madness starts. I have had such a hard time getting into the spirit of it all for so many years now. I can't say why, because I don't know why. Somewhere along my journey of ageing, it just slipped away some where. I just go through the motions until the second Sunday in January. Some years I get better, or more in the spirit as the days go by. It is just really hard to get my spirit filled motor reeved up. If that makes any sense!
However, there are still two things that I really enjoy about the season. One is my Christian faith and the church celebrations. And the other is Christmas Cards. I love Christmas Cards. I have saved all of our cards for the past 31 years. I am not sure where they all are, but they are here somewhere. I keep saying I want to get a tree like the one in the above picture to hang them on. Maybe this year I will. My card list has dwindled over the years though due to the passing of so many family members, and friends. So far, I have found one box of cards that I liked and bought them, but may have to find some more. I am picky about what kind I send. I have never really gotten into the card making craft, even though I love it when someone sends us one. I tried maybe once to make them and just got frustrated.
This is about all I have for this day in my life. Thanks for visiting!


Poetikat said...

Send me your address, Brenda and I'll send you a card.


Rudee said...

I used to string the cards up but I don't anymore.
hope you enjoyed your holiday.

BJ said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your quiet day. You still made quite the feast. It will be nice to have dinner together tomorrow with Katy, Bryan & Maddie. Hope she took lots of pictures to share!

So sorry to hear about Bob's sister. I'll keep her in my prayers too.

Renie Burghardt said...

My granddaughters always put up my Christmas tree when they are here for Thanksgiving. So the lights are twinkling as I write. I love Christmas cards as well. Have a great weekend!



Sandy said...

Wow you too! I've been like this for about five to seven years, just do NOT get into holidays. I think it was due to all the stress and responsibility getting it all together when I was so busy working..

Holidays could come and go and If I slept through them it would be great.

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