Thursday, November 27, 2008

My New Blog

Here is a collage of the many mes. There aren't a whole lot of pictures of me when I was little for a couple of reasons. One being my family was too poor to have cameras. Second reason being I never liked my picture taken and would usually try to tear up my pictures. Especially my school pictures. How the few that you may see here survived is beyond me. Now I am kinda glad that they did. I actually look so much worse now, than these old pictures, and that is why you may not see many current ones of me. If I could ever get a few (many) pounds off of me, I may not mind a picture here and there. The bottom right picture is my little grand baby, Maddie. My own 2 children and son-in-law, are getting used to the idea of taking a back seat to her. She is the new kid on the block with soft baby cheeks to kiss. I miss the smell of baby powder. I heard the Dr's. today don't recommend it. Something about it gets into our lungs. Whatever, I think it smells good and like to put it in my shoes sometimes.
So this will be my first posting on the new blog that (I will cross my fingers) updates on any ones side bar. I have had to go back to having my Granny K blog private because some odd comments were left there, but if you are interested, let me know and I can add your email to that one so you can hear about my Granny K and Grandpa V adventures. This blog will be the only one I really use for everyday posts. Thanks for visiting me!


Rudee said...

You are so pretty and I'm sure your current pictures would reflect that! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I like the new name by the way. I shall add it to mine sometime tonight when I'm done trashing the kitchen.


Gramma Ann said...

Hi Brenda,

I like the new name of your blog. I will go right now and try to put it on my side bar. And I agree with Rudee, you are just as lovely now as you were in these pictures. I hate my weight and pictures also, but it's what I look like and can't do much about it. I have lost weight many times only to gain it all back and a few extra pounds, so just quit and have been staying the same for the last few years.

Gramma Ann said...

Just a short note to let you know:


Brenda said... works!!!!!

BJ said...

Brenda - I love your new look and the name "Days of My Life" is excellent. And it did work!!!! Hooray!

You look so pretty in all of your pictures. But what's more important is what's in your heart. That is what really counts. And because we are soul blogging sisters, I know how precious you really are!!!!

We all struggle with something that we don't like about ourselves. I also struggle with my weight. I seem to stay right where I am now. And I do believe that "mental pause" has something to do with that. Plus, I need to exercise......but walking makes my back and my whole body feel like crap. So see, I understand where you are coming from.

Poetikat said...

Love your photos - you were (are) a stunner (as my dad would say)!

I'm following you now, so expect to see more of me here.


Brenda said...

Thanks ladies! And Kat glad you will be following me!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I'm late catching up. My family left last night, and I'm slowly trying to get the news from my blogging friends. I love the new name as well, and will be following you. And you look great in all your pictures!



Sandy said...

I like all your older pics, especially you in the hat. Too bad about the bad comments on the other blog. I'll have to email you when I get a chance.

MYRA said...

It worked!!! 8-)

Rositta said...

Hey Brenda, I like your new blog. I keep wanting to change mine, it's getting kind of stale after three years but I don't have the nerve...ciao

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