Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Past Few Days

Thanksgiving went fairly well this year. I did not do any where near the cooking I usually do, since we didn't have family over outside of our son. Katy, Brian and Maddie were out of town visiting Brian's family this year, and Bob has been on vacation this past week. We really didn't do anything, but I think that was fine with Bob. Not doing anything is a vacation for Bob. His schedule is usually packed full just about everyday and evening. I baked some cranberry bread for Bobby and three pies and all the usual Thanksgiving food. Turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls and cranberry sauce. That is too much food for three people but we will eat it off and on. I used to make food everyday for a week when we had a lot of people over. We watched "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". My favorite part is when they are in the car and John Candy is driving and dancing to the song "Messing Around". I have seen it many times and it still cracks me up.
Some sad news is that Bob's sister had to go into the hospital the day before Thanksgiving and is not doing well. She had some health problems this time last year and seemed to recover ok, but has had a set back these past few days. We have been at the hospital off and on.
Katy and Brian and Maddie come back today. I am anxious to see some pictures and hear how it went. Sunday we hope to have a family meal together here with all of us. Maybe I can talk them into dragging all the Christmas decorations up, and trying to get into the spirit. My sleeping is a bit off as I have been waking up at 3 am and then not getting back to sleep for awhile and trying to catch up with a nap. Think I will mosey back to bed now. Have a great day!


Rudee said...

I haven't seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles in some time. That is a funny scene. Hope you were able to fall back to sleep.

Gramma Ann said...

I have never seen "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." I'll have to watch it next time it is on TV. I woke at 2am tossed and turned until 3am got up, had a cup of tea and read until 5am. I laid back in my Lazyboy and slept off and on, until 9am. I have been having the same trouble sleeping as you. I think it has to do with the shorter days. At least that's what I tell myself!

Have fun with the family on Sunday.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about Bob's sis. Hope she gets better soon. I love that movie you mentioned. Haven't seen it in a long time. Maybe I should pull it out and watch it.

Ours was pretty low key too and I didn't have to cook a thing.

nice blog, I like it.

BJ said...

I could have sworn that I commented here....but I must have commented on the previous post. I was pretty much out of it the last couple of days. I've had a stomach virus that threw me for a loop. Feeling much better today.

Our family loves the Chevy Chase "Christmas Vacation" movies. We watch them over and over and laugh. Have you ever seen the "Family Stone"? The family is quite dysfunctional....but I still love that movie. I guess it has to do with the all star cast.

I hope that Katy,Brian & Maddie all made it home safely and that you are having a wonderful family dinner together.

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