Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blog Roll Not Updating

Just a quick little message to let everyone know that my blogroll thing on the side is not giving me updates for anyone not in the United States. I have been really busy and have not been able to keep up lately, but just noticed when I was going through my list that there are many blogs from other areas outside of US that are not showing as current updates? Just thought I would mention it in case anyone thinks I was ignoring them. I'm not. I just wonder if anyone else is having this problem?


Gramma Ann said...


I don't know if this is what could be happening or not. This morning when I was posting, I closed my blogs to update them. When I checked to see if they had updated on my blogroll, they hadn't. Finally I got to thinking, what did I do differently, and remembered what I had done. So went back and did it all over with the blot open to anyone and then they updated on the blogrolls. So maybe, they are closing their blogs while they post. Did any of that make sense? I hope!


Rudee said...

Not that I know of, but my blog roll is on a private page. I'll have to do the rounds to see.

Reader Wil said...

I didn't get many comments on my pyramids and Unesco post. I worked hard on that post so I thought may be not many people are interested, or my computer is wrong.

Winifred said...

Recently I hadn't been getting your updates on my Reading List but I got this one Brenda.

I forgot to say I love your new photo.

Renie Burghardt said...

My Blog Roll is not on the front page, but on my Dashboard, and it seems to be updating, Brenda.

I like your new photo as well. You look so sweet on there!



Brenda said...

On one of the settings on my blog, there is a place to set the time, central, pacific, mountain, etc., but none are for my time? I don't get this, but think this is what is messing up.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the comments!

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