Thursday, December 25, 2008

Diet Time

Our Christmas was very pleasant. Well actually it was pretty darn well perfect! The only thing we didn't get to do was spend the time with our son's girlfriend. She was visiting family in California, and we will get with her when she returns. I made just the right amount of food, no waste and very little left overs. I did not have any stress which was very nice. I only woke up very tired today and we didn't stay very long at Katy and Brian's. Just long enough to visit with his family a little and watch Maddie open her presents. Katy and Brian and Maddie got me a new camera and it is wonderful! However when I came home and reviewed the movies etc. that we took there, I saw a very large old woman (me) that is going to have to take some drastic measures to get this excess weight off.
When Bob and I got home we watched a 1971 version of Scrooge that I had not seen before. It made me think I had better change my wicked ways fast before the ghost comes to visit me and show me what a big meany I am. Kinda kidding there, but it does make you stop and think how maybe you should work on a few things about yourself , if you know what I mean. None of us are perfect but I could do a little better sometimes.
Tomorrow it is back to work doing steam cleaning of the carpets, because our dog had an accident on it, and the baby crawling around and all. I have a very large pile of clothes to put away and iron and some pants to mend. My day will be full for sure.
Off to try and come up with a drastic weight loss plan!


BJ said...

How nice that you got a new camera! What a great gift for mom! It will be fun learning all about it. Can't wait to see more pics!

Don't be so hard on yourself about your weight. We all want to be at a healthy weight but it is darn hard. I lose a few....then gain a few. It seems like I stay about the same for a good while now. It is not what I would like to weigh. But, there are other things going on with my health too....that can interfer with weight loss. So many diets out there, but I found that Weight Watchers was the best for me. You have to be committed....and I truely am not right now.

Good luck in your search for the right program for you. But whats really important is that you feel good while you're doing it.

Have a wonderful sounds like you are going to be very busy cleaning carpets.

Sending love & hugs your way!

Rudee said...

Sounds like the kids got you the perfect gift. I love my camera.

I'm with you on the diet. I didn't overdo it eating yesterday, but I can sure tell I ate too much salt. Lil' Miss Bloat and Puffyfingers today.

I'll join ya on the diet!

Sandy said...

Ahhh, maybe a diet of visualization will work! See yourself slim, and affirm "I am light as a feather"...

just watch out you don't lose too much or you will float away.

We all have one issue or another...

So maybe 2009 will be a good time to start at least for me with an attitude adjustment.

Glad you got a new camera, how nice.

Sandy said...

Just thought of something years ago that worked for me.

I didn't worry about calories however, I watched fat grams. I was amazed at how quickly I shed about 20 pounds that I was needing to.

Then about a month ago, I lost 10 pounds in a month, due to stress. I don't eat when I'm stressed, as I have no appetite.

So find some stress and voila, it will melt away!! Not the good stress...find some bad stress, ha!

The Crusty Crone said...

Movies? You can take movies? Will we see you on youtube soon?

I can so relate to the horror of seeing ones self in a picture (or movie). They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but how many cameras can be used for the same picture?

Here's a link to a couple who joined in on a diet project lasting 30 days. The object was to eat on a dollar a day. The woman said she lost 7 pounds in 10 days.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the comments girls. I have tried every diet known to try, and so far none have worked. My weight goes up and down like a yo yo. Right now it is really bad, and no CC I won't be on you tube. Ha. Maybe if I lose the weight I'll come up with something! Wearing a bikini is out because even if I lost the weight I have 5 huge scars on my stomach. Maybe a size 8 swimsuit at age 60 would be ok for a movie. I'll shoot for that. I'll show myself swimming like Ester Williams. Ha!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I will join you in that diet after Sunday night. That's the night for our Christmas buffet at our church. lol

Actually, the low carb diet works for me, and the pounds just melt off. Size 8 is what I am now, but I bet I gained 5 lbs. during the holidays.

Yes, we all have "issues" as Sandy said, and since it's almost time for new years resolutions, I'll have to see if I can come up with a few that will help with my own issues.

Have a great weekend!


cat's momma said...

I followed your link here after you visited me. I'll have to make sure I save this link so I can see what you're up to. Thanks for leaving comments at my blog.

Betty Flocken said...

That's a wonderful Camera. You're not fat. I make it a habit to TAKE the pictures never be in them

Winifred said...

So glad you had a lovely time with your family.

How amazing you found the time to blog on Christmas Day! I've not touched the computer for a few days, now I'm catching up.

I'm cutting down on the food too but its hard in winter. Also getting back to my swimming (once my cough has gone) that helps a lot.

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