Monday, December 15, 2008

I Must Be Older Than Dirt

Well, I admit that I do not know my movie stars very well anymore, and I have no clue who this fella is. I passed up thinking some of these young men were sexy many years ago. One year I think it was Brad Pitt, and I do know who he is. He dumped Jennifer for Angela something or other. He is still a boy. Tom Cruise is a boy. Some other young guy that married the girl that was in Ghost, they are all just too young to be sexy. Except for the teenagers I guess. I used to be one, a million years ago. I think we liked rock stars or singers when I was a teenager. But I don't think we thought they were sexy. I loved the Beatles, but they weren't sexy. Oh wait...I think Tom Jones was supposed to be sexy. My mind is failing me here. I can't think of any sexy stars when I was young enough to think about anyone being sexy. But I recently saw a commercial with Tony Curtis in it. I think he had on eyeliner. He must be about 80 by now. Well, it is 8:30 now. The old woman has to go to bed.


Rudee said...

You are so funny and you read my mind. I was watching No Country for Old Men today and thought that Tommy Lee Jones is my idea of sexy. Definitely not the norm but there is something about that man. You didn't mention Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford. And oh my goodness. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones were together in The Fugitive. Be still my little heart. Yummy. All of them. I had a love affair with The Monkees. Hey, hey we're the monkees. Those monkees. I went back and forth between love for Davey Jones and then the next week, I loved Mickie Dolenz best. Ahhhh.

As for Hugh Jackman--he is hot, hot, hot. I would give up Tommy for Hugh. I think.

Reader Wil said...

The sexiest man??? Huh?? May be my taste changed... Who knows. Well nice post of yours. You asked about the stone on my husband's grave. It's a stone found in Scandinavia. We bought it because my husband and I often went to Norway and I thought it the best way to commemorate his life.

MYRA said...

Hugh Jackman is an Australian, and was in the movie "Australia" with Nicole Kidman. Saw the movie last weekend. It was good!
Sexy...?... Sexy is after all, in the eye of the beholder, no matter your age! 8-)
Personally, I never thought of a male actor/singer as being "sexy" that I was attracted to. Weird? Yes! And now, my husband points out to who he thinks I find sexy...he is way off!!! Too funny!

Sandy said...

hahah, I thought Ted DAnsen was sexy...that was the last guy I had those kinds of thoughts about..ha!

Gramma Ann said...

In my teen years, I thought Robert Wagner was the neatest looking guy around. Sexy? No, just cute and handsome. I just recently read his autobiography. What an eyeopener that was! I lived a very sheltered life and can't imagine living life like the so called stars do and did.

Who decides what sexy is anyway!? I'm with MYRA, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Gramma Ann said...


In getting your header to fit. Do you remember to check the little box that says: "Shrink to size"? Otherwise the picture is huge!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hahaha, you have me laughing here, Brenda. I don't know too many of todays young movie stars. But I think the sexiest man that ever lived was Dean Martin! Yep, Dino could get my heart going more than any other show biz guy. LOL. And I agree with Rudee about Paul Newman. He was sexy as well. And way back when, Tyrone Power!

Now listen up, if you're older than dirt, then I'm older than Methusala!

Hugs and good night!


Brenda said...

I have to agree about Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford together in Fugitive. Funny that you had a crush on The Monkees and in particular Mickie Dolenz, because I met him and shook his hand in 1976. He came by the place I worked where I built computers. He knew someone there and wanted to learn or see how we made them. He was very skinny and kinda short.

Reader Wil,
Thanks for telling me that. I really liked the stone. It looks very special.

My husband is usually wrong wrong wrong when he thinks women may like a certain actor also. But then he lives with a woman that doesn't think many of them are all that hot. Ha

Ted Dansen in Cheers or Becker? I liked the grouchy Becker.

Yes, I actually do remember thinking Robert Wagner was kinda hot. Remington Steele. Yep, I remember now.

Ha ha Methuselah. Yes, Dean was a cool cat!

BJ said...

Well....I have to admit that Hugh Jackman is a hotty! Truthfully, I don't see too many men that I think are really sexy. But I do like certain things about guys....for instance I like Matthew McConnaughey...he seems like he would be fun. Vince Vaugh is hysterical. Many years ago I thought that Tom Selleck was a hunk! But today, not so much.
I don't see as many attractive guys as I think there are attractive women.

Loved your post Brenda! You made me laugh.

Betty Flocken said...

No matter how old and forgetful I get, Hugh Jackson will always be a hotty... Just like Sean Connery and Tom Selleck. I NEVER loose the ability to admire a man's backside without my husband noticing. When I trip over my tongue, I blame the M.S.

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