Sunday, December 21, 2008

Main Street Festivities

Today I took the time to go visit our Main Street Festivities. I always want to go there but get so busy I don't make the time. But today I said..."I'm going regardless!" I picked an extremely cold day to go. That saying "biting cold"....I found out today what that means. My cheeks and any exposed skin felt like sharp teeth were biting them. I can't say enough about the people that dress up and do all of the festivities that they perform every day down there. I hope they get paid well. They really do get into the performance of it all, with accents and costumes and I even heard some foreign languages being spoken, but since I do not know any language other than English, I wouldn't know what they were saying. They could have been saying, "My, what an incredibly large bottom you have madam.", to which I would have replied, "Thank You, and Merry Christmas to you."

Here is a group photo from our St. Charles web page of all of the performers.

My pictures didn't turn out very well, but a strange thing appeared when I looked at them on the computer. See the color beam coming from this man?

Here it is again. I don't know what it is!??!

This young lady was so beautiful. I saw her walking down the street as I was driving and wanted to pull over and ask if I could get a good picture of her. I didn't, but when I got home I saw that there were many photos on the web site.
Here is what the web site said about her.
Serenity, the
Christmas Angel, has come down to Earth from heaven to spread the good news of a joyous Christmas!

I wish it hadn't been so cold and that my pictures could have turned out good enough to post. I plan on going there next year and hanging out for awhile.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Beautiful pictures of the Main Street Festivities. Looks like a wonderful event, but it was biting cold here as well, and I didn't want to spend much time outdoors! I ran from my car to the church. Then from the church to my car, then from my car to the restaurant where we went for lunch, then back to the car, to spend as little time outside, as possible. And tonight, we're to get down to 8F with a 0 wind-chill! Too cold for me. But, your festivities did look like a lot of fun!

Hope you're cozy and warm tonight.



Rudee said...

What a great day! I hope you make it a tradition. Perhaps a hot toddy would take the bite out of that wind.

MYRA said...

Awesome photos Brenda! Looks like a fun thing to go out and experience! 8-)

Sandy said...

Oh..I enjoyed these. Had to laugh at your interpretation of what they could have been saying.

Your photos are great!

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