Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter Has Arrived

Winter has arrived in St. Louis! My camera is not cooperating so no pictures for awhile. I have been scanning some from various magazines and books lately. We had maybe an inch of snow yesterday morning but it melted by mid day. We awoke to maybe a half inch if that this morning. It is pretty cold out today. I have Maddie here keeping me warm with her hugs and snuggles. She is napping right now, but will wake up soon. Yesterday afternoon we had a nice meal at Katy and Brian's and Bobby and Rebecca came over. We are trying to get our Christmas plans organized as to who is going where and how can we get together. So far it looks like Christmas Day at Katy and Brian's. Maybe one night here. I don't plan on doing very much shopping for gifts. We have kinda gotten out of that habit these past few years. It used to be fun years ago to try and find that something special for someone, but I don't know if it is age or what that has let the air of the fun. At out age, there isn't anything much that Bob or I want or need, so I would just as soon skip the exchange of gifts. Money is always a little tight and I surely don't like to waste money on a gift that someone will not use. If I have time, I may make a handmade something or other. How about your family? Are you big on exchanging gifts?


Rudee said...

We still get into giving gifts-some hand made-and some bought. Our extended family used to draw names and exchange that way but with my brother out of work, we're not doing that this year. I'll still exchange with my sister and her family.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

We don't have snow, but it's brrr, cold around here! I usually give a family gift to each of my 3 children, and that is usually a copy of one of my newest books. I also give smaller, nice gifts to my three granddaughters. As for me, I get showered with gifts from all three of my children!

I'm sure you enjoyed having Maddie with you today.



BJ said...

I do love the holidays.....getting together with family and especially now that I have grandchildren.....going to their houses very early in the morning and watching them squeal with delight upon seeing what Santa has left them!

I will give to the grandchildren....a game or toy that they like. And usually I will buy dresses for the girls and this year I bought for my grandsons, each an outfit. I find that each year I do children understand that I really don't have the money to splurge. I can't just charge things on credit cards and pay the entire year. And my kids are not lacking for anything. As are not the grandchildren either.

Besides.....I don't want them spending on me. I don't need a thing....except maybe a tripod for my camera!!!!! And if I find one very reasonable, I'll buy it myself.

No need for gifts.....just being together, sharing memories.

Poetikat said...

We used to be big on gift-giving, but as you say, age tends to let the air out of the joys of the experience - and money IS tight for us as well.
Plus, with my dad gone, no one feels much like gifts. I do feel like enjoying Christmas though - We put up some lights in the back (LED) and will be doing the front soon. We got rid of our big tree (we don't buy real since the cats love to knock them down)last year, so it's just a small one in the corner and a few decorations. It's really the food and goodies we look forward to - and being with family, of course. We'll be meeting Kev's sister and our niece on the 13th for a small exchange and then going up north to his folks on the 20th for a few days, but we'll be at mass on Christmas Day with my mom and then, I expect a quiet dinner for three.


Sandy said...

No...not any more, we will only do the grandkids this year. I have told two of my sons so far, no adult gifts. They're all tight on money and we have helped out a few of them it will be simple simple...I just don't get into it anymore.

MYRA said...

Since our children are now adults, in the last couple of years we have drawn names, both in our little family, and with my side of the family, with a $50 limit. It came to a point that it was all just too much expense, and everyone has so much already, or buys what they want when they want it. We usually pick names on my father's B-Day (Nov 30th). After picking names this year, we decided that next year we wouldn't bother with a gift exchange at all with my side of the family, and start up again when more youngins enter the picture... On hubby's side there is just his brother, and he doesn't have much due to permanent disability, so we tend to spoil him some...
I look forward to going to Christmas Eve Mass, our special meals, time together, and the gentle glow of Christmas lights around the house... 8-)

Winifred said...

Things have got totally out of hand with presents here. I do buy a lot for my three grandchildren but will cut down next year now we are both retired.

I've tried to persuade my family not to buy for us as I never know what to buy for them. Like Brenda there's nothing we really need so it seems very wasteful to have people buy things for us when money is tight.

My favourite present is the time I spend with my daughter's family. We get the phone call to say my daughter's children are awake and opening their presents. We dash up and have a good time playing with their things, drinking coffee and eating croissants for some reason.

Last Christmas at 8.30am I was jumping about outside on their new trampoline. It was freezing but fabulous! I don't think the Wii will be as exciting this year.

Betty Flocken said...

This year, with Money so tight; we're cutting WAY back and trying to make gifts for each other. Our grand kids are getting one gift each. I think it'll be more fun this year.

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