Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Storm 2009 and 2007

I just received an email from my cousin who lives in southeast Missouri. I tweaked it a bit to keep their names out of the story. But this is what the past week has been like for them.

All power went out on Tuesday but they were able to buy a generator.
They emptied out the refrigerator, and put everything in the garage since it was cold enough to keep the food they had. With the generator they were able to run the refrigerator, a light, one TV and computer They can't cook so they are eating pbj's. .
Her husband works for the telephone company and is still working out there trying to get as many people back in phone service as possible. It isn't always possible because there are so many roads closed and they can't do anything until the power company deals with their lines that are down. He has to be extremely careful and test every wire before touching. He says it really is like walking in a war zone...he never knows when a tree limb or line, or building could just crash down on him. He said, "I am wearing my hard hat and that's the best I can do". He is working 7 days a week until this is done but isn't working past dark because of the increased danger of walking on a live line that is down. Her son worked until the big semi took out the two main lines that were sagging which took out most of the businesses. It was a huge flash and it sounded like a bomb. She couldn't believe all the crashing and rumbling that has been going on just around their yard. They do have a limb on their house but her husband doesn't think it damaged the roof, won't know until he can get up there to see though. They can't get in and out of the drive way because of the broken limbs. They have a flag pole in their yard and when her husband came in he was singing," and the flag was still there oh say .....just a little mild humor there but true.
So many roads have been closed and sometimes truckers won't go through if there is a line across the road. Her husband helped one yesterday between here and Poplar Bluff. The line was hanging down low and the trucker was parked on the side of the road trying to decide what to do...he couldn't go forward because of the line, he couldn't drive back...the wrong way, couldn't cross where he was. Her husband got his line pole out and held the wire up a little higher while the trucker got through...lots of stories out there like that.

I think this may have been President Obama's first declaration of a disaster area. Not sure though. Her story reminded me of our ice storm in 2007. The picture I posted is of our Weeping Willow tree. It was a huge tree that provided us with a lot of privacy around our pool area. We had to have it removed after that storm. Just last fall we planted another one. We tried a Pine Tree that rotted out from all of the wet weather we had last spring. This current willow should be okay. They grow like weeds. Our weather has been very peculiar these past few years. The ice storm though was one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed in my life time. It was so hard to describe, other than just "EERIE". Hope all the folks that were affected by the ice are doing okay. You don't know how grateful you are for the simplest things until you don't have them.


Rudee said...

Ice storms are the worst. I lost several mature arborvitae trees 2 years ago from the weight of the ice. I hope your family gets through this weather crisis. I can't imagine being without power for that long in the dead of winter. I'm cold just thinking about it. They were blessed to find a generator.

Sandy said...

My God....what they are experiencing!!!

this is incredible and I so hope people get their power back on...and warm up. What a dangerous situation it sounds like.

Winifred said...

That sounds really awful. I don't think we've ever had an ice storm maybe we would know about it if we had. People here always complain about the British climate but really our weather isn't that severe we don't have a lot to complain about compared to situations like these and what's happening in Australia.
We really should be thankful for all the everyday things we take for granted.

Rositta said...

Puts thing in perspective doesn't it. I whine when I get 15 cm of snow but it could be a lot worse. Those photos remind me of the Quebec ice storm of 1998 where some people were without power up to a month. I heard in the news that this storm has caused some fatalities and that is very sad...ciao

Mary said...

That photo is beautiful, but I know from what it is like here that the damage is probably great in your area, too. We still have people without power and the tree damage is great. I hope it all clears away before we have to drive to St. Louis to catch a flight to Tucson on the 14th!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

You are so right, losing even the simplest things during an ice storm makes you really appreciate them, once they're back. This ice storm in my area (and I'm 50 miles from Poplar Bluff) was devastating. This is a heavily forested area, and the trees have been damaged heavily. I had my car smashed, repair will be 5000 dollars. Thank goodness for insiurance. I've had a piece of an icy tree come through the roof and land in my kitchen, scattering ice all over the floor. My deck was so full of fallen limbs, I couldn't go out on it, the yard looks like a war zone, and trees were snapping day and night, sounding like guns going off, and the ice fallin with a whoosh, day and night, scared the cats and me to death! My son couldn't find a generator within two hundred miles of here. Finally, my daughter and son in law brought one for me from Ohio. What a relief! I only used it 2 days and then our power came on, but I have it for other times a power failure may happen. It was just incredible. After the president declared it a disaster area, Fema, The Red Cross, and the National Guard came in to help, along with linemen from all over, to hel restore power. I was overjoyed when mine came back Friday afternoon. The cleanup will go on for some time. Ah, a hot shower today, after ten days of no water, felt heavenly!

Thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog in my absence. They were greatly appreciated.

Have a great Sunday.



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