Monday, January 19, 2009

Maddie Turns ONE

Our grand baby turned ONE this past week. Here are a few pictures that turned out good enough to save off. All of the others are blurry, or too much red eye or no one is looking at the camera. The group picture is of all the babies that were born in the year 2008. The youngest one is just 5 weeks, then 6 months, 2 of the babies are around 9 months, and then Maddie is in the lead at One year. There are other little ones at the party, 2 little boys that are 3 and one little boy that is 2 1/2 and his Mom is expecting a baby in 6 weeks. Those pictures didn't take. I think everyone had fun. We had plenty of toys for all of them to play with. The one little nine month old boy is Maddie's boyfriend, I hear. He brought her flowers and a Valentine card and a framed picture of himself to put in her room. Too cute!
Tomorrow I am hoping to show a picture of a quilt that Bob's sister made him.


Gramma Ann said...

Oh! How cute is that! She is a real sweetheart. What a house full of babies. Maddie will have a lot of friends to play with as she grows...

My baby turned 40 today. My how times fly!!!

Brenda, there is an award waiting for you at:

Rudee said...

Oooh. I just want to kiss her cheeks! She is so cute. Happy Birthday Maddie.

Wow-that's a lotta babies!

Reader Wil said...

This is a real birthday party! I bet the mothers enjoyed themselves immensely. And what about the babies? Did they realise how important this occasion was? I remember this from the times my children celebrated their first birthday. They liked the wrapping paper better than the presents!

MYRA said...

Congrats with little Maddie's birthday! How cute all those little ones. It has been years since we had a little people party around here... 8-)

Winifred said...

She looks lovely and what a beautiful rainbow cake.

Looks like they all had a good time.

Sandy said...

Belated happy 1st Birthday to Maddie!!! Such a milestone and now gramma, be prepared...she will keep you even more busy in the next few months...or years.

nice pic of all the babies.

Renie Burghardt said...

What an adorable birthday girl! Happy Birthday, Maddie! And she has a boyfriend already!

Looks like a fun party, and a beautiful cake. And I bet her grannie had a great time taking pictures of the birthday girl and her friends.



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