Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marley and Me

Clifford (as a puppy)

We went to see the movie "Marley and Me" last night. Our dog Clifford is going to be 15 in May. His health is not all that bad for his age. He isn't really on any medications other that some fish oil tablets for very bad dry skin. However I do find myself checking him for signs of life fairly often. The average age for dogs is 13. So far we have been very blessed with a couple of extra years with him. The movie was good. Just not what I really wanted to see, with having a dog the age ours is. I had not read the book, but from what I had heard about it, I thought it was about a very mischievous dog. I didn't know the dog was going to die. I cried and cried and a baby. I know I should be happy for all the time we have had with Clifford, but I still am not ready to accept him no longer being with us. If anything, the movie did make me appreciate every day we have left with him. I would not recommend seeing this movie if No. 1 You are in a similar time and space with your dog, or No. 2 You are as big a cry baby as I am.

Aside from that, I got a lot of things accomplished today. All Christmas decor is put back in the closet and we rearranged our furniture for Maddie's birthday bash on Saturday. Our weather is supposed to turn bitterly cold this week, but I still haven't heard much in the way of any snow accumulation. I fear we will get hit right about the time our trees try to bud out. That has been the norm the past couple of years.


Rudee said...

I can't bear to finish the book. I'm about a third of the way through and keep putting it down. I think I'm going to listen to you and put it away for another time. I put my decorations away too.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Clifford was a cute puppy! One of my dogs is 12, and also in fairly good health still, except for a bit of arhtritis. I lost a Rottie in the summer of 2007 and he was 9. I still miss him so much. The sad part of Marley is why I haven't gone to see this movie. I don't even want to think about "sad". Too upsetting.

Yes, bitter cold coming in a few days. Keep warm and snug!

Greg is still here today from the weekend and we're going shopping and lunching. Yay!

Have a great week.



The Crusty Crone said...

I've passed on many great movies simply because I knew I couldn't stand the heartbreak (sad ending). Or rather... I didn't want to experience the heartbreak.

Gramma Ann said...

I want to read the book before I see the movie. I was aware that it is sad and that Marley dies. So I will be prepared for that. I plan on buying the DVD when it comes into stores in a few months, and watch it at home in my little "Reading Corner" ;) Oh, yes, I will have a box of Kleenex at the ready, when reading the book and watching the movie. I had some friends invite me to go with them to the movie, but I said, no and explained I wanted to read the book first.

Clifford is a cute doggy and they bring such joy into our lives. Joey is 9 years old and just recently had 11 of his teeth pulled. BOY, did that help his bad breath! Like you, we hope we have a few more years to spend with him. It's a toss up who will go first, him or us. Our son Jack, jokingly, said if we go first, he will take care of Joey for us. Hee, hee!

Reader Wil said...

Movies can be very moving. I remember that about 50 years ago I saw "The Yearling", a movie about a deer calf whose mother was shot. It was raised by a ten-year old boy, who loved him dearly, but as it grew bigger it became a nuisance for his poor parents, for he ate all of their crop. Jody, the boy, had to shoot his deer. So he did, but his heart was broken and he ran away from home. When he came back he had taken leave of his youth and he had become an adult. I remember that I was very touched by this movie.

Brenda said...

I think on a different day, month or year, this book and movie will be great, but right now, for me and you, it's just too much emotion. Hits too close to home. I know you are struggling with the same feelings with Duke.

Oh my, you also are in the same boat with us with your precious 12 year old. I have lost a dog that we had for 11 years also, so I know I'll manage Cliffie's passing also. I just don't want to. I really don't like to watch or read about anything sad. I try to seek out pleasantness, where ever and whenever I can stumble upon it. Thanks for your visits!

Thanks for your visit. I agree with ya. You can miss out sometimes on things. Some days I can handle things and some days I can't!

I remember your post about you reading the book recently. I have only recently started going to the movie, because of a church group I am in. I still don't like going. I would much rather watch them at home. Poor Joey with his teeth! Can he still chew crunchy things?

Reader Wil,
I have never seen The Yearling, but that sounds really sad. Have you ever heard of or seen the movie "Old Yeller"? It is similar to that. Thanks for visiting me!

Betty Flocken said...

Oh I didn't know the dog died.. Rex's loss is too recent for us to see it. Our Christmas stuff is down finally too Thanks to Katie

Sandy said...

He is such a cutie and wow, you have had him a long time, may he have several more healthy years. I haven't seen the movie but I know it's a sad one at the end. When I lost my dog in 2003, I vowed I would never get another one, it was so sad to lose her.

I love that banner photo...where is that?

Hope the snow stays away from you. We got really really heavy santa ana winds last night...we have a lot of clean up to do today, because we have tons of trees, the leaves scatter everywhere.

Winifred said...

I love your banner photo too.

No I don't want to watch sad films and read sad books, like you Brenda I've got to face losing my two cats in the not too distant future. Just want to appreciate every day with them as you say. Clifford looks a wonderful dog and it's so hard to lose them. My husband says no more cats, because they'll probably outlive us, which is also sad because I don't know how I'll face an empty house.

Have lovely time with Maddie at the weekendand hope it's not too cold for you.

Brenda said...

The picture is from Opryland resort, the place I stayed last summer at the quilt show. I need to see flowers!! Everything is dormant here.

Reader Wil said...

Yes, I know the book "Old Yeller". It's very sad too."The Yearling"is written by Marjorie Kinnan Rowlings. It's one of my favourite books.

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