Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movies Filmed In St Louis

This past weekend, people living in St. Louis had the opportunity to submit applications to be extras in a new comedy starring George Clooney called "Up In The Air." IMDB says that it is about a professional who specializes in "career transition counseling" (a euphemism for firing people) looks to accomplish his two main goals in life: to accumulate 1 million frequent flier miles, and to land a job at a mysterious management company called MythTech. They were asking for about 2000 extras. I haven't heard how it all went yet, because our weather has stolen all the headlines the past few days. It had been icy and we did get a couple inches of snow, and it has been very cold, highs only in the 20's. I have been busy the past few days spending time with Maddie and doing some charity work, etc.
The filming for this movie will be here in St. Louis at the airport and some of the hotels. I think they start filming the first part of March. I may have to see if I can check it out some of the days they are filming, if they allow it. I kinda doubt they will, but we will see. I researched how many other films have been filmed here and here are some of the ones I found.

"Meet Me In St. Louis" We have seen this many many times. It is one of our Christmas favorites.
"White Palace" I have seen this and it is hard to find to rent. It wasn't a bad movie really. I know the diner they filmed it in. James Spader and Susan Sarandon were in it.
"Game of Their Lives" Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of the 1950 national soccer team who, against all odds, beat England 1-0 in the small town of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Most of the players were from St. Louis and much of the movie was filmed here in “The Hill” (the Italian neighborhood of St. Louis, with some of the actual soccer players from 1950 making an appearance.
" The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery" Steve McQueen stars in the true story of a robbery of the Southwest Bank (corner of Southwest and Kingshighway). Some of the St.Louis police officers who worked the original robbery portray themselves in the movie. This movie was both set here and filmed here.
Larger Than Life Part of this Bill Murray movie was filmed in St. Louis.
"A Will of Their Own" TV mini-series, starring Lea Thompson, was filmed in St. Louis,St. Charles, and University City, Missouri.
"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" Scenes filmed at our airport. This movie is one of my favorites!

I have been watching a little more TV than usual lately, and still trying to finish a knitted sock. Almost there! I really don't like the yarn I am using and will never buy it again. It is sock yarn and stretchy and I can't feel it on my fingers very well for tension. But the colors are pretty.


Gramma Ann said...

How interesting. I'm glad he is finally making a comedy. Some of the last few movies he made were so serious I didn't bother to see them, plus they had "R" ratings. So I hope this one isn't "R" rated, maybe then I will go see it.

Rudee said...

I was wondering if you got ice and snow. Take us a picture. You know I'd rather look at snow than pictures of George.

There was an open call for extras for a movie being filmed in our city starring Hilary Swank. Filming starts the third week of Feb. Clint Eastwood filmed Gran Torino here. There are quite a few newer movies being done here. Detroit isn't very romantic, but it's cheap to film in the city.

Winifred said...

Doesn't he look old with that grey beard!

I think the only one of the fils I've seen is Meet me in St Louis. You never know we might see you on the big screen Brenda.

Sandy said...

what a great post and to think he is going to be there filming. I loved that movie Planes, Trains, etc. In fact, I have it in my collection and might watch it again since you've reminded me about it..

Some of the movies I haven't heard of before.

I hope you warm up soon. I don't know how you all do it, in these cold places.

We have been busy too with grandkids this week and it appears we will be through the weekend...

I should watch Meet Me in St. Louis. Never seen that one.

Betty Flocken said...

Oh Brenda! You should have applied to be an extra! George Clooney is such a hotty.

Brenda said...

Believe it or not, I don't think I have ever seen him in a movie. I watched ER when he was on, and thought he was so handsome! And I love his Aunt's voice and songs.

I posted the pictures of snow just for you. That really wasn't the best picture of George but I am only using pictures now from wiki commons or something like that. I didn't know they filmed often where you live also. I have been to Detroit once for a short stay with friends and my son-in-laws brother lives there and teaches at a private boys school.

I haven't seen all of those either. I want to see the one with McQueen because I like him and have seen most of his films but not that one.

If I ever get out your way I would love to visit the studios there.

I would have loved to try out, but I was busy when they did that. I think our son did though and our son-in-law should have because they wanted airline pilots. You don't get paid much and have to wait around all day so you have to have the luxury of all that free time. Would have been an adventure though I am sure!

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