Friday, January 23, 2009


I usually only listen to music when I am in my car running errands or at the Teen Dance that we sponsor at our church. Or on television. I remember music being so important when I was a young girl up until age 29 when I gave birth to our daughter. From then on it was usually Sesame Street songs or Wee Ones Sing Along. I guess every once in awhile I heard some popular music but I don't remember all that much about how or when I heard it. During various times in the past several years I have loaned my car to my son or son-in-law and found that they must have set the stations to their music styles. I listen to a lot of those stations still today. I do have to add while I am thinking about this, that I think St. Louis has the worst music stations for being a fairly big city. It is almost as bad as our local cable company. Anyway, every once in awhile I hear a song that I really love, weather it is the melody or singing style or the upbeat feel to it. Then I realize the lyrics that I am singing along to are slightly odd, or at least for someone my age. A few examples are some of Maroon Five. I love almost all of their songs, especially "Sunday Morning". But some of the others have some pretty provocative lyrics! A song recently that has really caught my attention is by a singer named, Adele, and the song I think is called 'Just Keep Chasing Pavement'. I love that song. But when I went to google it I was directed to her video on you tube. Very odd. I must not be a very creative artist. Well, I KNOW I am not. I just don't understand the meaning behind so much of these things. Either that or I should just admit that I am too old to GET IT. The Teen dances are a real challenge for us. At least I kinda know what the latest styles are and music and how they dance. For the 6th through 8th graders anyway.
Do you ever have those times when your mind actually doesn't register how old you are? Like you hear a song that makes you want to jump up and boogie at a nightclub somewhere, and then you remember how OLD you are. And if those visions in your mind were to be real, your fat arm wings flapping to the beat, along with your arthritic knees giving out, and over sized fanny trying to shake it.....GEEZZZZZZZ! My old mind does play tricks on me sometimes. I can still dream about and remember my youth. Still have that. Just memories. I was never much of a clubber even in my youth. But I did go to a lot of dances in high school, and was even on a dance show here in St. Louis called "St. Louis Hop". I wish I could find a tape of that, since I have never seen it. It was a show similar to "America Bandstand." Remember that one? They rated the songs. I give it a 8 because it was good to dance to. Okay I am off to see if there are any you tubes about America Bandstand.


Rudee said...

Inscribed on my ipod: Dance Like Nobody is Watching. It's a motto to live by. Go ahead and dance. It's great exercise. Just don't hurt yourself.

Sandy said...

Oh..this was a fun post!!! I know what you mean...about jumping up dancing like you are in a nightclub and then..bam, reality hits, haha.

Maroon Five. My husband's, brother's son (okay my nephew) married a few years back and his best friend was in Maroon Five, I believe the lead singer, but not sure. And, a couple of the guys were at the wedding. I've seen them on SNL and really enjoyed them. They get the best groups on there, that otherwise, I would have never heard.

Winifred said...

I have to say I don't like local radio stations. They usually have adverts which I can't stand and awful programmes where local idiots phone in.

My car radio is always tuned to the BBC's Radio 2. It has a great mix of music oldies and new stuff but none of that rap & heavy metal. I hadn't heard Adele's song for ages and I heard it on Friday again. I quite like it too even though the lyrics are obtuse.

A new singer I like is Duffy. Think she's Welsh. Take a look at her singing Mercy, you might like it. Very catchy!

I love to bop about the house upstairs though so nobody sees me. Like you I wasn't a clubber but I went to lots of dances. My husband hates getting up to dance when we're out.

BJ said...

Brenda - I loved your post! And I've missed all of you very much. I grew up in a tiny little house, but my mother had a little transistor radio hanging on a nail in our kitchen and it was country music.....and I mean country! I love music and can't drive a car without listening to music. I currently am listening to Sugarland. I rarely ever change the CD....I play it over and over. My kids think I'm crazy....and I am!

I know exactly what you mean when you hear music.....a favorite from the want to get up and do the hustle or the bump! Remember those? My husband I used to dance often. That was when you went to a club and a band actually played instruments. Those were some great times. But like you all, the music can get my head bobbing & I can sing along and I feel the rhythem in my body but this ole gray mare.....she ain't what she used to be!!!!! I'm just sayin!

Reader Wil said...

Good post Brenda! I see what you mean, even if we probably have a different taste.I love classical music very much and feel elated and happy when I hear Bach, Handel, Vivaldy, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Corelli and more of those old guys. I don't like dancing but I enjoy singing.

Gramma Ann said...

You have me laughing out loud, with that post. I like the music I grew up with, in the 50s and I like the big band music of the 30s, 40s. When Renee, my granddaughter got married she had some big band music played before the ceremony, for all us grandmas and grandpas to enjoy. Afterward she gave me the CD, I love it and listen to it often and think of her as the music plays. She is such a thoughtful granddaughter, just gotta love her. haha Don't know where I'm going with that. I'll just stop my rambling and say "Good Night, Gracie!"

Loved the post, with my jello arms waving in the wind. lol


Brenda said...

Ha ha..I'll try not to hurt myself.

Oh my know Maroon Five. I thought they were from the east coast, but I am guessing your brother-in-law could be from there.

Ha ha...local idiots, that is kinda what our stations are most times. I am going to check out Duffy. It sounds like you are familiar with Adele.
My husband used to be a good dancer, but we just dont' do it anymore.

HEY BJ!!!!!!
Long time no here from girlfriend!!! I know you have been really busy, so I was happy to see your comment! Yes, we also did the bump at our wedding reception, and I took hustle lessons, but I wouldn't be able to do any of those now.

You and my husband would have a lot to talk about. He has every classical CD you could imagine. I keep saying that when we retire he could have his own radio station. Even though I have been listening to it for years, my knowledge is limited. I do recognize Mozart when I hear it. And Vivaldi and a few others.

We had big band at our wedding reception also, and I danced with my boss to "In The Mood". I love 40's music like Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and all of those...Rosemary Clooney....I could have been a post WWII woman instead of the daughter of one.

Poetikat said...

I really enjoyed this post and I know what you mean about not "getting" today's stuff (Gosh I sound like my mother, now.)
I was a big-time clubber in my Twenties. I went out dancing 2 or 3 times a week - couldn't get enough of it!
These days I listen to Christian music on our local station Faith FM (never disappointing), or occasionally on a vintage rock station, or even country music.

You should check out this Blast From the Past, Brenda:


Poetikat said...

Brenda and Ann, I love the Big Band Era music - and Rosemary Clooney was great, wasn't she?


MYRA said...

Music, and dancing... I almost forget how! It never happens anymore unless it is a slow dance, cause that is all hubby wants to dance. (He was a polka king in his youth) The very few weddings and socials/dances we go to, we end up sitting a lot. If he doesn't want to dance what I want to dance to, then I don't do the slow ones... Evil grin.... I'm lucky if we are with a big group, and the ladies all like to get up and boogie!!! Good exercise, and rejuvenating!!!

Sandy said...

I don't know them at all. But Aaron does, and he probably met him at college. Aaron himself, lived in Japan for a couple years, studying the language and teaching. The family lives in Nebraska but decided to have his wedding out here (because most of the family are out here). It was so nice, on a yacht type boat. I'm just guessing he met the Maroon Five guy in college.

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