Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Neighbors Rock!

Before shoveling

Back Yard

Sunny Day

Care for A Dip?

I went to bed around 2 am this morning just because I knew I didn't have to get up early. I awoke around 8 am to what looks to me like 8 inches of snow. This was not in the forecast during the 10 pm news that I heard. I went out to clear a path in the driveway, when two angelic people appeared with shovels to help me hand shovel our driveway! They were just finishing up the lady that lives next door to me and across the street from them. I have to think of something to show my gratitude to them. Hopefully, they saw it in my eyes when we finished and I thanked them, but I would like to think of something else. They just moved in about 2 years ago and I haven't gotten to know them very well yet.

I am too tired to take a picture of the shoveled drive yet. Even with their help, it was tiring.


Winifred said...

Those photos are lovely. Great to show Maddie when she's older. Do you get this kind of snow every year? I have a few photos of the last time we had real snow it was about 8 years ago. We do get snow but it isn't deep and only lasts a couple of days.

That was very kind of them to help you. Maybe you could teach them to blog!

Rudee said...

Beautiful photos, but the pool looks to cold to me. Can you turn the heater on first?

You can knit your neighbors neck warmers!

Rudee said...

OK, I'm trying to see if the new photo is posting.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting there on morning glory. I also had a look at your photos and the snow you got. We also got a lot of snow here. And ice.

Sandy said...

Gosh it's so beautiful and look at the pool!! It looks so fresh and white, gorgeous...

And what great neighbors to help you. How could this not have been predicted. Typical weather forecasts, ha!

I woke up during the night to winds, and the news saying they are about 50 to 75 below the mountains and in the canyon passes, which would be our area. I think the screen over the lattice overhead is going to blow off again. This happens with every really hard wind.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for taking us on a snow party. We still haven't got any snow overhere. Send some to us please!

Gramma Ann said...

The snow is beautiful, and the pool...not to inviting!

My husband has a snowplow on his BIG BOY TOY truck. He plows all the neighbors drives for them and they treat us to cookies, banana nut bread, homemade jams, homemade candy, every time it snows, I tease him and say get those drives plowed, I need some homemade goodies. ;)

Betty Flocken said...

Brenda! These are beautiful scenes.. I know.. What a pain but that pool really looks cool covered in snow. Do you have to drain it for the winter? I grew up wishing I lived where it snowed.. Instead I've always driven to the snow to play with my kids or as a kid.. Now than I'm old... I'm glad I live where it doesn't snow.

Brenda said...

No we actually don't get much snow the past several years. When I was a little girl, I remember 4 distinct seasons. Now we can get all of them in one day. My daughter did not buy the baby a snowsuit because she said we don't get enough snow to make it worth it. I had to agree. We weren't supposed to get this much.

No heater unfortunately. I have heard they suck up so much electricity it can cost $50 for one day. Not sure if that is true or not. We have day dreamed about putting a solarium over it to swim year round, but I love the fresh warm air outdoors.

Your pictures are really beautiful!

Are your high winds there anything like our tornadoes here? I have been running for cover from tornadoes ever since I can remember.

That is neat that they give you all those goodies. I thought of something like that to pass on to them, but I hate to cook. I will think of something though!

Looks like you get a lot of ice though from your pictures.

I so wish I lived where you and Sandy live!!! SO jealous!!!!

MYRA said...

What wonderful neighbors! Lucky you! Best watch that back of your's while digging yourself out... 8-)
That pool would look very inviting to some of our Australian boggers right now... They are dealing with 44C heat right now...
I hope you are able to do some stitching of some sort lately...
Take care! 8-)

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