Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okay Maybe I Don't Laugh Like A Hyena

Just have to say Thanks to Rudee and Winifred for trying to play the game. Rudee found an image of a hyena, and Winifred remembered the part in Lady and The Tramp with the laughing hyenas, but couldn't find it on you tube. She did find a couple of other scenes from The Lion King and a zoo scene. My laugh is nothing like those, or I don't think it is. I think when I said that I laughed like a hyena, I was thinking that I laugh really hard and can't stop sometimes. When I think something is funny I don't just have a chuckle, I have a laughter breakdown, sorta. But looking at some of them on you tube, I didn't find any like mine. So Thanks for trying ladies!


Sandy said...

Okay I'm lost, what game about hyena!!!! I'm outta the loop I tell ya, outta the loop...

MYRA said...

Bummer about having to get a new fridge... I feel your financial pain of a big unexpected buy. 8-/
Mineral water and grapefruit juice...hmmmm? Will have to try that!
I laugh hard and loud too...I even snort when things are really funny! Yuck! 8-)

Renie Burghardt said...

So, Brenda, I am a bit confused about the meme. Do I do the six things and the hyena story?

I laugh really hard as well, but because I have a sort of deep voice, I sound more like a roaring lion, laughing! Sort of. Hahaha.

You creative lady, you!



Brenda said...

Go below this post and you will get it.

I did pretty good on my new purchase. Now I just hope it works well.

Do them only if you want and have time. The 6 things are pretty easy to do. I spent about 5 minutes doing mine. Can't you tell??? I was just being my usual goofy self by challenging everyone to do the thing about the hyena. But if you feel challenged go for it. Never any pressure from me though about the awards and memes. Blogging is suppose to be fun and a great way to meet nice people. So I never take any of those very serious. But I appreciate it when someone thinks of me!
Thanks for your visit and have fun with your son this weekend!

Rudee said...

OK, maybe you don't laugh like a hyena, but do you look like the one I linked when you laugh? Probably not.

Laughter is a gift. I think, like taking our medicine, we should take time to laugh every day.

Brenda said...

It was a scary resemblance. That's why I didn't post the picture of the hyena you found. Ha!
Laughter is one the finest things in life, I think.

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