Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Flapper Girl

One thing I did read about this flapper fashion, was that the short above the knee hemline styles were only worn by some women, not the average woman. Like I said before, that info may not be correct. I am getting a little glimpse into what it must be like to write a book. Or at least one where all of your information has to be researched very thoroughly. Wow...all this from taking a picture of my thimbles.


Rudee said...

Were they the hussies-running around and teasing the men with their shapely knees? I think Rosemary has written about them, or at least, some women like them.

yes! word verification was outcri. scandoulous indeed!

MYRA said...

Ooooooo.... You are finding out all sorts of things with these styles! Cool!

Betty Flocken said...

I think my grand mother dressed like that in the twenties! I have a photo of her and my great grand mother and I do remember those "hats" Love what you're doing with the thimbles!

Sandy said...

I didn't realize you had more up, thought it was the post from the other day. I love the images you are choosing to go along with your dolls, some beautiful pencil drawings. I'm enjoying this and now I'll be more aware that there is a new post on the subject..

Winifred said...

This is lovely, it reminds me of the film Thoroughly Modern Millie. I loved their clothes.

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