Sunday, February 22, 2009


The picture below is my Mom. I am sure it is a few years past 1938. When I went to do some digging on the internet I found confusing styles. Some showed styles with large shoulder pads and small tiny waists with the dress or skirt hem about where this one is on my Mom. Other pictures showed no shoulder pads and longer lengths.


Rudee said...

Hey! Who is that behind her? Oh, never mind, it's her shadow. It's a cute picture Brenda.

Winifred said...


That's a lovely picture, looks like a wartime style you see in the films.

Love those little porcelain figures.

I have a couple of pictures of my mam in similar dresses. The skirts got shorter and narrower here as fabrics were in short supply. I think it wasn't until 1947 that there was a major change when Dior brought out the New Look with longer and fuller skirts.

Sandy said...

Your mom was so fashionable in some of the photos, really enjoyed seeing them.

Sandy said...

She looks EXACTLY like my long deceased, Aunt Eileen, my mom's older sis. Exactly like her in this pic.

Brenda said...

Rudee, husband loves this picture because of the shadow and the shadow of the person taking the picture. I have tried to "fix it" but can't. it just isn't very clear.

Thanks! Sometimes I wonder if I should put so many personal pictures up, but I enjoy looking at old photos no matter who they are.

My Mom had a sister that looks so much like Meryl Streep it is scary. I was never around her very much because she had schizophrenia and was usually in a hospital. But the pictures of her look like her. Do you have a picture of your Aunt?

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