Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom and Abe

Mom and Abe shared the same birthday. My Mom would have been 89 and Abe 200. She died when she was 83 and he died when he was 56. They both left us with a lot of things to remember them by. Well, Abe for many Mom for only the few that knew her. The first person to die in my immediate family was my Grandpa, her father. When you are young and people you have always known die, it is so devastating and sad. Now at my age all but one of my Aunts and Uncles and some cousins, many friends, both parents, have all died. I look at people passing away in a different way now. I try to recall their life and the fun times I had with them. My Mom had a great laugh and a big smile for my kids when they were little. She was really the only one that helped me out, as far as a babysitter with my kids. She wasn't perfect but who is. She had lots of struggles and did the best she could. I think this picture was taken in Seattle when she worked for Boeing Aircraft during World War II. I think she was "Rosie the Rivet", but I am not sure. I wish I had paid more attention to all of her stories that she was willing to share, but I guess I thought they weren't all that interesting at the time. I may try and write some more thoughts out tomorrow, if I don't get too side tracked. Happy Birthday Mom and Abe!


Rudee said...

Happy Birthday Mom-hugs to you Brenda. I don't know that those losses ever get easier.

Gramma Ann said...

Nice tribute to your mother.

Megha said...


Sandy said...

What a great photo of her! Are you serious, do you really think she was Rosie?? How cool if so, and if not, heck she looks like she could have been... My mom would have been 84 this year but died when she was 60. My dad when he was 78. There are times I sure wish they could have seen all these grandkids.

My mom really didn't babysit, she thought I had way too many little punks. She was right.

happy birthday to the spirit of mom.

Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful trbute to your mum! It's good to remember the good times you had together.

Winifred said...

Wish we could all wish her Happy Birthday in person Brenda. It's a great photo.

Sadly we don't have very good listening skills when we're young. She probably had some great stories to tell. They were really the first women to experience what was termed "men's work" and when the war ended most of them were forced to give up their work.

Sadly my Mam didn't live long enough to babysit. I really missed that and the times we could have shared. Your Mam did get that pleasure Brenda and that's nice for your children to remember too.

Renie Burghardt said...

Your Mom looks beautiful as Rosie the Riveter (sp?) Brenda. My mother died when I was a baby, so I never knew her. My grandma, who raised me, died at 89. I still miss her to this day.

Nice tribute to your dear Mom.



Brenda said...

Thanks everyone for your visit! Renie caught my error about Rosie The Riveter...not Rosie The Rivet. I was wondering who would catch that! Ha Ha

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