Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Just May Get In Trouble Again

Okay.....I am not liking the new "google follower" widget thing. I was just visiting some blogs and noticed it and tried to click to follow a blog and it asked for my password on my gmail account. I was already signed in to my account, so I don't understand what that was all about. Hopefully, it was just some misunderstanding on my part.
The only thing I have to talk about today is the site meter most of us have on our blogs. I will always keep one, because I think it is helpful for tracking visitors in the same way a home security system is. But as far as relying on it to be very accurate with average time a person spends looking on your blog or any of those things, I don't get too excited about that. And I have to confess the reason behind that statement. I can't tell you how many times I have been on a blog and gotten interrupted with a telephone call or visitor or something that has taken me away from the computer, and that blog has been hanging there until I get back to the computer, sometimes the next day. Is it possible that it times out after a little while? I really need to stop doing that. I may have to put some sticky notes on my computer to remind me.
My memory is going down the tubes fast. The plus to that though, is that I don't get stressed or hold many grudges against anyone, because I can't remember if you have insulted me. And I can't hear all that well anymore either. I really am not that old yet either, which is really scary!
I have been feeling edgy and irritable lately, and I am hoping it is just the impatience for nicer weather to get here. This weekend we are supposed to get 2 inches of snow and temps in the 30's. That is not going to improve my mood!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I feel the same way about the new widget, and my followers are missing from my page! Maybe they all went away or something. But I think it's blogger.

I have Site Meter but haven't checked it in ages.

Now who would insult you anyway? No one. You are a sweet, talented woman.

Yuck on the snow. We had 72 degrees today, and it will get colder by Saturday and a small chance of snow here as well. I want Spring!

I think I'm crabby today, too. Have a good night.



Gramma Ann said...

I haven't used the new follower widget yet! But you are not the only one who is forgetful and moody this time of year. I think we are all ready for spring weather.

Rudee said...

You know Brenda, I was just telling my best friend that I feel like I'm walking through jello. Every limb feels heavy and I'm exhausted all the time. Yesterday I got up early and I had all I could do to make it through a day. It's not just you. It's winter fatigue. I had a great idea for a post and didn't write it down. Poof. Gone.

I don't like the new friends google format and may remove the follow this blog thingymajig. It's klutzy looking. It does require logging back in so I don't think you did anything harmful with that.

Reader Wil said...

I am not happy with my followers widget either for I put by accident myself on my followers widget and I don't know how to remove myself.

Betty Flocken said...

I like your graph. I don't have anything like that!.. Do I?
I added my visitor thing on a while ago when I started thinking I had an unwanted visitor.. A Trouble maker from 20 years ago. Since I started that; she hasn't been back. I'm sorry you're feeling irritable lately. I know that feeling. Don't like it when I get it.

The Crusty Crone said...

I know what you mean about the accuracy of stats. My cookies keep getting messed up so when I go check my own blog, I get counted. No matter how many times I try to have it ignore my pc in the counts... it doesn't work. No biggy, though, cause I don't check it a whole lot.

Stats can be interesting sometimes. Either in a good way or not.

So what did you post about to get that big spike of hits? Did you mention something that could be associated with porn? That always increases my hits. hahahaha

Poetikat said...

I am far too focused on who comes to my blog and if they drop off it kind of gets to me, but that's my own insecurities; it's got nothing to do with the folks who drop out.
I should take a page out of your book, Brenda.
By the way - I hear ya (wait, no I CAN'T hear ya) and what was I going to say, again? Oh yes, I think it's pm-brain that's hitting you. I get that all the time.


Sandy said...

I wish for you warm sunshiny days!! I can't imagine having a very good mood when the temps are constantly cold and there is snow...

I don't have a sitemeter anymore. I took it off a long time ago because I was tempted to check it all the time and it was a distraction.

I too, get interrupted and sometimes I have a page open somewhere on someone's blog and it sits there too, for hours....

The only person I have trouble hearing is Mike... I've heard that happens when you've been married a long time, you start tuning them out...he!

Brenda said...

I will be looking forward to your new publications! Hope we don't get the yucky weather!

I don't do very well without sunlight. I like being outside in fresh air...but don't we all.

Jello is an accurate description for how I feel many days also. You have a lot of stress going on right now with your new move. I really hate it when I get down for no good reason.

I wonder why they change things and then we don't get a choice. But it is a free service, so I guess we do have a choice. Pay for blogging service. UGH....

That wasn't my graph...Ha ha...just a picture to show wht I was talking about. I swiped it from wiki.

Hahaha...funny! When I thought about doing the thimble post I was going to name them "The Ladies", but then I remember that means boobs in todays lingo. I probably would have gotten about 8 million hits on that one.

Did you mean PM as in premenstrual? I haven't had that for almost 20 years. I have some sort of brain fog though. I walk around in a daze most of the time. You are funny!

Haha...I hear ya about not listening to your hubby. After we have lived with them this long, we already know what they are going to say anyway, right...

Thanks for your visits, now I am off to visit you.

Winifred said...

I've had to sign in regularly for some reason and I haven't used a new widget. At least I don't think I have, maybe I've forgotten! I think it's a Google thing, quirky!

I had forgotten all about stats for the blog. I use Google whatever it's called but I've forgotten how to bring them up. You think your memory is bad!

I do hope you don't get too much snow, it gets a bit wearing. I think I'm adjusted to winter, we seem to have cold weather all year round so I'm not holding any great hopes out for a good summer. I do remember the last two have been awful.

Megha said...

Hi Brenda...Even I haven't use this new widget..

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