Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Well, it wasn't quite this beautiful, because this picture came out of one of my many magazines. However, our weather was in the lower 70's today, sunny and beautiful. I thought I saw a few blades of grass greening up, but hope that things won't start sprouting up too soon. Too many years we see all the signs of spring and then whammy..... a blast of freezing air comes through and ruins all the fun. I wish I would have spent the day outdoors today, but decided to go to the mall instead and get a haircut and brow shape. I loved the way the stylist cut my hair. Probably the best cut I have had in a very long time. She did an angled bob and thinned out my bangs. I walked around the stores looking at the latest styles, and was glad I didn't need to buy any clothes. Even if I had lots of money to spend I would not have bought anything today. Not my styles...but then again I don't really know what my style would be. It just wasn't any thing that I saw.
I had left 4 large piles of sorted clothes to be washed before I took off for my vacation morning, and returned to see that my dog Clifford had been rolling around in there on them. He usually manages to get some type of under garment wrapped around his neck and walks around like it is perfectly normal. But today he got this bag that I had on the floor around his neck. He is getting so old, he doesn't even try to get it off. He just walks around dragging it while it makes noise as he walks. Under garments are at least soft and he can lay on them, but this bag, was a first. I had to take a picture, even though the picture doesn't quite capture the moment.

Tomorrow I hope to tackle the mess in my sewing room. I need to iron some clothes and can't find the ironing board. But if the weather is as nice as it was today I may just skip it and get outside and enjoy it!


Patty said...

Poor ole Clifford. Yes under garments would have been softer.Our dogs always seemed to like to lay on piles of dirty clothes also, don't know why, especially since they say their nose can smell things so much better than us humans.

Rudee said...

Oh my, thanks for the chuckles. Poor Clifford. That's what he gets for being a panty sniffer.

Glad to hear you let a pro shape your brows. Even though you had nice weather, it's good you had a good old fashioned girls day out.

Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Brenda,

Hahaha, Rudee's comment has me giggling! Clifford is cute.

We've been in the low 70s since Saturday, but had torrential rains overnight and it's cloudy this morning and more rain today. My jonquils are up, and the peepers are singing at the pond. My poor trees look so maimed, it makes me want to cry! Still extremely busy, and will be for some time. Greg will be here with his chain saw Friday. The one bright note yesterday was a contract from Chicken Soup for the Soul for a story I sent them, and it will be in Tough Times, Tough People book coming in May. I felt like it was a reward for the tough times I've had lately. Yay!

Have a wonderful day.



Anonymous said...

I guess people all have odd stories to tell about dogs and the things they do. I know we did as long as Autumn was alive and we still miss her. Now, however, we have one of our daughters back home living with us and our granddaughter and their cat, Baby Kitty. The things that he does to get attention are amazing.

Betty Flocken said...

OH I hope you went out and enjoyed the beautiful day. I had my brows done for the first time in forever last weekend, along with a hair cut. Glad your weather is getting better. Our warmer than warm weather is gone for a while. Rain and snow this week and last. (snow only in the mountains of course)

Sandy said...

Hahahaha, what a cute pic of Clifford. You iron clothes??? I don't think I've ironed a thing in five years,(because jeans don't need to be ironed, ha!). I haven't dressed up in so long.

So you got your brows done...gave up doing it yourself, huh,...hehe.

Brenda said...

Poor ole Cliffie seems to have lost a lot of his hearing and smell. He is almost 105 in doggie years.

I have gotten them done twice now! The eyebrows...guess I have finally joined the majority of ladies.

Glad Greg is going to help you. He is a good son!
Great news about the new article in the book! Congratulations! your needed some good news after the last few weeks. I will be looking for it in May. I bought the magazine you were in a few months ago.

I like the name Autumn for a dog. I'll have to go back and see if you have written about her.

Rain and snow are rare where you live, aren't they?

Ha ha...you remembered my little adventure with the eyebrows.
Yep...I still iron. I think maybe I just don't buy the right clothes. They always come out really wrinkly. A few I can just hang, but most are a mess. I know that most people do not iron though.

MYRA said...

Sounds like the kind of haircut I'm trying to get... Haven't been happy yet!
Clifford looks so glossy from the camera flash! Lovely fur-friend! 8-)

The Crusty Crone said...

"He usually manages to get some type of under garment wrapped around his neck and walks around like it is perfectly normal." hahahahahaha And then there are the times when you come back home with visitors and the dog has your panties around his neck. hahahahaha Oh the vision!

70 degrees... yummmy!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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