Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rearranging Furniture...What Was I Thinking!

Several days ago I got the itch to try and improve the looks of things around here. I am now beyond exhausted and they don't look any better. We have a two story with a finished basement and the above picture is one that I took at a Quilt Show last summer to help me remember this post, and hopefully never get this idea in my head again! It started out in my mind to change out a bedroom that my son used to use, and move what was in there down to the basement. Then I was wanting to move my sewing room into that bedroom and have the old sewing room be the baby's room. I have WAY too much stuff and had hoped that by doing this I would be forced to get rid of most of it. So far I haven't gotten rid of very much, because the entire process was just too much. It was hard to walk around until most of it got shoved somewhere. I may have to bite the bullet and just bag it up and cart it off to the goodwill..crying all the way.
I want to live in a serene and peaceful home, free of clutter, but I am not so sure that will happen. I have too many books, material, yarn, artsy and crafty things piled up. If you are someone that loves to sew, quilt and create things, it is just too hard to throw it away. You just never know when you may need that orange flowered strip of fabric from 1970...
I have been thinking about changing my blog again though and adding a slide show or organizing it a little better. I want to take some pictures of some spoons that Katy gave me from Ireland and England and some jewelry made out of gemstones that my cousin made me. I also have 2 dollhouses that I may get rid of and will try to take a picture of first. One I built from a kit. I used to love miniature things. I hear the Goodwill and Thrift stores are doing very well these days with so many folks out of work. They will have a good home hopefully. Sigh.....


Rudee said...

There is a certain amount of peacefulness when living in an uncluttered home. I've not achieved that peaceful feeling, but I'm trying. I've been donating books to the library. This way, many people get to read the books, not just people who pick up a book second hand.

You will be happier for the transformation, but maybe just take on one project at a time. And yes, the minute you get rid of that orange strip of material, you'll want it back!

Reader Wil said...

Same with me every year in spring, I try to find a lot of things that I can get rid of. I always give books, grammophone records and tapes to the scouts. They sell them on the matket on Queen's day(30th April) And yet my house is still as full as it had been before. Well, good luck!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I don't move furniture around much anymore, too hard for me to do alone. I would love to change my blog, but that also requires a lot of work and I don't know if I'm up to that. It take forever for me to make the changes and then I never seem to be happy with them. Good luck in what ever you decide to do with your blog.

Raymonty said...

I am sitting on an old $20 dollar kitchen chair and my table has a plywood top, unpainted. I am looking around and nothing matches. . . . . . What am I doing here on this blog? . . . . Your house is beautiful and your photos are fantastic; Thank you for sharing with me your creations.

Sandy said...

I so relate Brenda. I'm slowly getting rid of stuff. But it is so hard to let certain things go, like I can't get rid of art supplies and I have so much. I have lots of books, CD's, all these things I can never part with.

Oh yeah, I know that feeling of starting to arrange furniture and it just gets to be too much.

Hope we get to see some photos of your jewelry, doll houses, etc.

MYRA said...

Tis a big job moving room contents from one room to another... Thus I have not done my change as of yet...
Also, it is indeed hard to part with our crafty items... Good luck with that! 8-)

Brenda said...

We have been donating books to the library for years. We have a Friends of the Library event where they take all the donated books and have a huge 3 day sale. All books are a $1 the first day and by the last day you can take a whole bag for $5. I swear this house is going to cave into the ground from all the weight of these books. I am very particular about my books and magazines though, in that they can't smell bad. I like the smell of new books.

Reader Wil,
Glad I am not the only one who keeps chasing the dream of getting it all cleared out only to find it still there.

I love your blog and yours was one that got me to think about changing mine. Yours looks very organized and pretty! The moving of all of this furniture has darn near killed me, and I am still going at it. That is why I titled this post "What Was I Thinking" I am exhausted!

Thanks for visiting and for the compliment!

I know you have been talking about moving also and you are probably thinking the same thing I am. Where is all my things I can't part with going to go??

I should post how messy my sewing room room is for you someday. Hard to get motivated in there. What a mess!

Rositta said...

I feel your pain, I'm just as bad. Not only do I have yarn for knitting and crocheting kicking around, I have fabrics from 30 years ago that were meant to be dresses or quilts or some such... but the worst part, I have boxes and boxes of clay, buckets of glazes and boxes of pottery tools. Good thing they are all up at the studio at our cottage...ciao

Gramma Ann said...

My husband was the pack rat in our family. I have some crochet yarn in plastic containers. Last winter I tried making an afghan out of the scrap yarn, and I still have enough left for another one, but this year I was not in the mood to crochet, I am into reading some of my books, that I keep buying. I love to read, and do many other things, so it never seems enough time for everything.

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