Sunday, February 22, 2009

Women In The Late 1800's

The first lady in the thimble series represents a lady in 1890. I think that some of these clothes are pretty to look at on a painting or postcard, but can you imagine having to wear these. How long would it take you to put all of this on?

Woman during this era (I think) were expected to look attractive. My guess is that trying to look attractive in all of these clothes may have been the highlight of their day. The little bit that I tried to find out about this era, was that very few, less than 20% of women worked outside the home. The average number of children during this time surprisingly was 5 children. Take everything I write with a grain of salt because I am doing very little digging for information about this post. I have more questions than answers.

A corset seemed to be a must!

This picture is to show a woman trying to have a size 16 inch waist.

My question about this picture is did they wear corsets under these swim suits?
And if so how do you remove a wet corset???

Bertha, you just had to be the first to come and show off your riding outfit didn't you?

I think I may try to make a dress like these.
The high neck will cover up all my wrinkles .
The large puffy sleeves will disguise my arm wings.
The larger size skirt will hide my cellulite legs.

How big were the closets for all of these clothes??

Okay, now I have to go watch the Oscars and see what they are wearing!


flydragon said...

LOL, very funny post. 16" waist???? I'd need to wear 3 of those corsets:)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Women had to go through a lot of dressing in the old days. But the clothes were beautiful. Can't even imagine wearing a corset. Of course, in the fifties, when I was a teenager, we wore those funny things to keep the nylon hose up. What the heck were those called? I enjoyed the look back, and I need one of those outfits to hide all the additions that come with age! I bet you don't need any of those things.

Have a great Monday!



Betty Flocken said...

OH I'm glad you're doing this! I've "dressed" in the 1880 AZ era.. For Paul when he went through his cowboy phase years ago. Not the tight waist or bustle though. :)

Gramma Ann said...

I loved this post, so funny and fun. Oh Renie, the "Garter Belt" was what held our hose up in the fifties. What I think is funny. Now the girls wear the "Garter Belts" as a way of looking sexy. When I see something like that on TV, it makes me laugh. I never ever thought of "Garter Belts" as being the least bit sexy. I welcomed the Pantie Hose and the "Garter Belt" flew out the window.

Sandy said...

Brenda, your posts rock! I enjoyed reading and can relate to those arm wings, etc...hahaha. You so funny...

That second one down, I want to try and sketch that..

Winifred said...

This is a lovely post Brenda.

I think these women had money! I don't think poorer people dressed like that. Imagine how it must have been in summer, I bet there was a lot of fainting going on.

I remember wearing a what we called a suspender belt to keep your stockings up. In winter those metal bits were freezing. Yes tights were a great invention. I'm sure it's only men that think stockings are sexy.

Rudee said...

The corsets look a bit archaic, don't they? Cruel devices of torture for a schoolgirl's waist. This is exactly the style of clothing I learned from Rosemary's books.

Sandy said...

gotta say, I'm coming back for more pics to save off. I've saved off a few to tackle....

Brenda said...

Even 3 wouldn't be enough for me!

Oh yes, the snap things. I wore those also. And my mom wore elastic over the knee things. I have no idea what they were called. If I weren't so lazy I would look them up in my many catalogs.

I think I saw a pic of you at your place in costume.

I don't even like panty hose anymore. They are a struggle for me. I can't imagine trying to get all these things on!

I would love to try to draw these also, but most likely won't. Hope to see yours when you have time!

I think they had money also. And a staff that helped them put their clothes on!

There was a picture of a stomach that was deformed from wearing these things. It was too gross to put on the blog. But also I read where they were helpful for back problems.

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