Saturday, February 21, 2009

Women Through The Years

This collection of thimbles is from a series Avon put out in 1982. I have always been fascinated with ladies fashions, even though I am by no means, a fashionably dressed woman. I have a memory of being in Art class in High School and having an assignment to draw an Advertisement. My ad was for a Ski Vacation. I remember having fun drawing the outfit the lady had on in my picture. My teacher gave me an A and gave me just enough compliments to at least help me remember this particular time in my life. Funny how we remember insults and compliments through the years. I think it may have been about that time that I started noticing clothing and magazines and catalogs. I may have had a brief ambition in my mind to become a fashion designer. But it was just a thought.
When I decided to take this picture of these thimbles and talk about women through the years, I started doing a little research on the first lady in the series who represents 1890. If I decide to follow through with this, it could be very lengthy and maybe not all that interesting. Well, I actually do think it would be interesting to me, so I may do it. Many times when I want to journal something, I don't especially feel like doing anything very personal about our daily lives, but would like to just write about something I am interested in.
I love the ladies clothing in "Gone With The Wind" and "My Fair Lady". I think my favorite outfit of Scarlet's in "Gone With The Wind" was the blue one that she wore when she was seen hugging Ashley at the lumberyard. Then she becomes a scandal and Rhett makes her put on the flashy red one for the party. Fiddle dee dee, was just a hug! In "My Fair Lady" my favorite dress was the black and white one with the very large hat. Audrey Hepburn was a real beauty wasn't she?
Next time I have time to ramble I will try to do a little story about women in 1890. I hope I can find out something more interesting than what I ran across earlier. They sounded like they didn't have a second of time for themselves. I think I'll try to find out something about the wealthy ones. They were the ones that most likely had the prettier clothing.


MYRA said...

Adorable thimbles!I love the old fashions, and new movies set in times of old... 8-)

Sandy said...

What a cool collection. I like them all, but especially the second one from the right. I think this is a very interesting post and hope you do more on this subject.

Rudee said...

Everything I ever knew about women from the past was gleaned from bodice ripper novels. Not a bad way to learn. I especially ADORED the books Rosemary Rogers wrote.

I've left you Kreativ Blogger Award over at my place. Come on by to pick it up. No need to wear a bustle or carry a parasol-just come as you are.

Reader Wil said...

The nimbles are magnificent! Like you I also like what we in Holland call:" costume dramas". I loved " My Fair Lady", and also The movies"Sense and Sensibility", " Pride and Prejudice" and many more...Thanks for sharing!

Gramma Ann said...

I love your collection and think it would be fun to read follow ups of whatever you can find in your research. I was always fascinated by the women's beautiful hats of yesteryear. I don't know how they kept them on their heads, but I loved those big beautiful hats. That's what I love about the royal family of England, they always have on some big beautiful hat and sometimes not so beautiful, but I still love them.

Winifred said...

Yes Audrey Hepburn was gorgeous.

That dress was fantastic and there was one she wore in War & Peace that was a lovely Empire line one too.

Those thimbles are very pretty makes a lovely showpiece.

I once studied fashion and design at night classes and the bit I really loved was the history of fashion. I bought a beautiful book on six decades of fashion this century and there's a picture of Audrey Hepburn in the white lace dress with the frills and the huge white hat with black underside. Fabulous!

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