Friday, November 28, 2008


Me and Bob receiving some words of advice or well wishes from someone in Bob's family at our wedding shower. Since she has her arm on Bob's shoulder, I am thinking she may be saying, "Run like Hell son, while you still have a chance!"

Me going to work. Fancy dresser wasn't I???
I built computers. Stuffed circuit boards, wired chassis, soldered parts, etc.

Our first camping trip with one of our bosses and his wife and son. We drove to Chicago to try and see King Tut's exhibit, but the line was too long and we gave up. We did get to see several other things though. Buck Minister Fuller's exhibit comes to mind. I'll have to ask Bob what else we did. My memory is hazy. I do remember I was peeling potatoes here in this picture. I think I impressed Bob with my cooking abilities when we first met. We were both around 25 almost 26 when we married, so I already knew how to cook. Looking at that shirt reminded me of how skimpily we I dressed during those days. It had a tie under the bosom area and then you let your midriff show. And I had on short shorts. I can no longer judge the teens at the teen dances now when I go back in time like this and see what a free thinker I was.


Gramma Ann said...

Again, those were the years of short shorts and little shirts. I doubt if we would have dressed like that, if we would have been a bit heavier. But, with age, comes the pleasingly plump look! ;) At least it has for me.

Remember the days of the Hot Pants Outfits, and the Mini-skirts? What were the designers thinking? Althrough I see that style has come back. Like the old saying goes: "What goes around, comes around again!" or something like that.

Have a Wonderful Week-end!

Renie Burghardt said...

Are you wearing overalls in that first picture, Brenda? When I moved to the Ozarks in the early 80s, I loved wearing overalls. And in the 70s when I was a Mom of 3, I wore mini skirts. But I wasn't quite daring enough for hot pants. Of course, in the fifties, when I was a teen, fashions were modest compared to later!

Love the pictures and the reminiscing. You looked very cute in your tie shirt and shorts.

I think we just get more modest as we age, even if we're not pleasingly plump! LOL.

Leaving in the morning for a long weekend at a beautiful Casino. Woo Hoo. Wish me luck!



Winifred said...

Oh yes I remember these clothes well. Hot pants, mini skirts, jump suits and dungarees. There's very little new in the fashion world is there.

Nice photos Brenda!

Sandy said...

Well I remember that you always dressed skimpily, my memory you did! hahahaha. You were such a cutie...and what a cute figure.

I remember wearing overalls too!

Wow, now where did I put those photos. You're inspiring me to look one of these days.

I think Gramma Ann and Renie ought to share pics too...Renie wore mini skirts...okay ya gotta share!

Reader Wil said...

I like those old pictures! You were/ are a beautiful girl, Brenda! Thank you for sharing these memories! Have a nice day!

Brenda said...

It is interesting to see and remember all the clothing styles that have come and gone and then come back. Ha...
I look at things now and just can't wear can't wear that....because I am older and don't have the figure for them.

I used to wear overalls pretty often back then. I still have several outfits in my closet that I have outgrown, but hope to get back into them someday because I loved them so much.
Hope you share some pictures with us some day of your fashions. That would be fun!

I would love to see some old photos of you as well. I think that is why I post these. It helps the other readers to get to know you a little better. Even though it is somewhat embarrassing for me. Ha

I am starting to think we may have lived similar lives in the 60's and 70's. Ha..your stories aren't that far off. Really!

Thanks for visiting. Your blog post are always so interesting, and mine are well.....not! Ha..but I do try and add a little humor. My motto is "Don't take yourself so serious." Life does have a way of forcing the seriousness on us anyway though...sigh. ...

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