Saturday, March 28, 2009

Before Our Time

Before Our Time
is a blog by Alison and Megan, two Australian Gen-X women with a love of technology and all the comforts of a 21st Century life,
but does it make their lives any simpler than that of their forebears?
Revel in the dodgy research and the use of their families as guinea pigs as they examine the skills and knowledge of the pre-1970 world.

Alison and Megan always have something interesting going on over at their blog. I really enjoy all the topics they come up with. It is a little like "time traveling". They are having a give away to win this beautiful scarf. They have also given 2 links to ladies who sell their homemade items.
I love that making things handmade is so popular right now. I keep wanting to checkout the etsy shops, when I have time. The internet is so full of interesting things to search for, it is no wonder that I spend so much time on here. Hope you go check out Megan and Alison. And Thanks to Ann for recommending them to me!


Betty Flocken said...

My friend sells home made cards on Etsy

Patty said...

That looks interesting. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Chilly here, rainy and perhaps we'll have some snow later this evening. March is going to go out like a lion. Haven't put the snow blower in the shed yet, it's still parked in the garage.

Megan said...

Oh, Brenda, thanks for the link. We love having you as a reader - it makes our research all worthwhile!

Sandy said...

wow, I thought I commented on this before. Anyway,....leaving town in the morning and waving by...see you later...I won't have internet where I'm going.

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