Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today I found these billy goats wandering around in the hot sun. I thought maybe I would sheer them since they looked so hot. I now have a large pile of wool that I may try to make use of. Please don't judge me...I am an 8 year old having to live in a 58 year old body. I also broke my toe today and have been on pain pills.


Sandy said...

hahahah LOVE the are so helpful...

and seriously, did you really break your toe!!!
Oh no, and will you make your interview with me tomorrow.

I sure hope you are just teasnig...seriously, I feel for ya, I've done that many times, ouch, throb, throb.

And keep your clothes on okay...especially when you come for the interview..hahaha.

love the drawing.

Rudee said...

I'm so sorry you're hurt. Poor thing.

As for the goats, they remind me of my dream goats-cashmere, of course.

RICEV your foot

Rest Ice Compression Elevation and V for Vicodin.


Renie Burghardt said...

Nice sketch, Brenda, but oh my goodness, sorry to hear about your toe! Eight year olds can sure get into trouble, can't they? Guess you'll have to wear flip flops for a while. Hope the pain pills really help.



Brenda said...

To understand this drawing you need to go to Sandy's sketches blog, where we are playing a game.
I seriously did break my toe, and have the baby the next two days. So if I don't have time to get back here, that is why. I am pretty sure I will have time tonight though.

MYRA said...

Nice drawing Brenda!

Sheesh girl! How the heck did you break your toe!!! Best take it a tad easy for a bit...

Have fun with the little one! 8-)

Gramma Ann said...

Ouch!!!I hope the toe starts to feel better soon...The drawing is so cute. I will go to Sandy's right now and see what I have missed the last few days, I've been busy so didn't blog much.

I agree with Rudee, RICEV your foot...;)

Answer to your question as to where I find all my quotes is posted.

Betty Flocken said...

OH Brenda! I'm sorry about your toe! I love your drawings and would NEVER judge you! :)
I'm with Rudee except I'd trade the V for an O Ha!

Winifred said...

Oh Brenda how did you manage to break your toe? Hope it gets better soon.

I've hurt my back but have no idea what I did. I'll just keeping on taking the Ibuprofen!

The Crusty Crone said...

OUCH!!! oh dear....

Patty said...

Well lets hope the toe heals quickly.

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