Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life Beyond The Internet

In our community journal paper we have a sound off section where people speak their minds. Today this one caught my attention.

I'm the first to admit I'm naive. But as a senior citizen I'm proud of that because I've always thought I was nice and patient and considerate. However, I watched a TV program recently about people and the internet, and how they get on and bog or whatever it is and exchange personal notes on the Internet and tell secrets about themselves and go on and on and on. I can't imagine being so insecure and bored that they have to share things with people in the stupid computer. Come on, there is a life out there that's not the Internet.

Ummm....I know I am not a genius by a long shot, but how is typing on the computer my daily activities and thoughts any different than this person taking the time to write this "sound off" for the newspaper? She is expressing herself, or himself, and I am expressing myself.

I find blogging a fairly healthy outlet for my mind. I am pretty certain most us us who blog also get together with a lot of people on a regular basis. How else could we have so much crap to talk about.

Blogging is time consuming though. My time is not spent on my own blog as much as it is spent reading other blogs. So how about you....are you worried that you may need a 12 step group to get over the blogging addiction, or do you feel you have the whole thing under control?

When I first started blogging a little over a year ago and told my son I was blogging, he said "Don't you have to have a specialty for that?" Good point he made there. The best blogs are most likely the ones that have a single purpose, like quilting, knitting, politics, current events, recipes and food pictures. I think I have ADD and have trouble staying focused on one particular subject for very long. It is a really big world out there and all kinds of things to explore and learn about. I do learn many things by reading blogs.

I enjoy hearing from all the people I have met on the Internet and hope to get to know some more. So unless my fingers stop working, I most likely will stay on here writing out my thoughts.

Judging from the picture above maybe I have been on here toooo long. Just kidding. That was me about 28 years ago.


Patty said...

I was wondering, since the computer does look a little out dated. LOL

Like they say, to each his own, hers is writing letters to the editor apparently. Ours is playing on the computer. I have a feeling we have more fun. And when ever I think I have been on the computer too long, I shut that baby down for a few hours and find something else to do.

Right now, I've off to mix up a meat loaf for dinner tonight, and fix a bowl of scalloped potatoes. While it is baking, I'll be picking up Granddaughter from her swimming lesson, as they are dropped off at the school around 5:15.

Then I will be doing dishes, making sure Granddaughter gets a bath before her Mother gets home from her class tonight. So it isn't all computer fun. Just as I'm sure it's not with you either.

Sandy said...

I love blogging, especially keeping in touch through photos of what my blog friends are doing. Some days I am on way too much and wonder about myself. I actually have no friends, ha!..seriously I have somehow strayed from the pack I use to run with and it was because I was always busy with my job and kids and then grandkids came along. I actually like not having friends that call. I only have one close friend and my sis and that's all I need.

I use to do lunch, dinners, shopping, the whole gamut with other women. I got tired of their bitching about their husbands, like it ever did any good and like ...were they perfect...

My interests are totally different that most of my long ago friends. I enjoy nature and use to enjoy yard work, most of them enjoyed complaining and gossiping. I'm not much into that either.

that's a cute pic of you at the ancient computer....

Alexandre Fabbri said...

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Brenda said...

Haha...that was one of the first Apple's I think. I have to ask my husband. So would we ever get everything else done if we sat in front of this all the time. I think it is good for the mind..that's my story and I am sticking to it!

I couldn't agree with you more about everything you said! I have also lost contact with the old friends for many of the same reason you said. None of my old friends use the computer very much. I rarely even get emails from them any more. I am so like you in that I cherish my time to do simple pleasant activities. Do NOT like the get-togethers with the gossips anymore. Such a waste of time and leaves me in a fowl mood after wards.

I will check it out when I can. I am not familiar with the film. Sorry. But I like learning new things so I will try to see what it is all about. Thanks for your visit.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Love the picture of you with the old apple! You were so cute! Not that you aren't now. lol.

I enjoy blogging, but don't do it as much as some bloggers. I do still enjoy my friends, and going out to lunches and shopping. I love both worlds! However, we do not gossip! lol. And I never bitch about my husband, since I no longer have one. Thank goodness for that! lol. To each his own, is my motto.

Happy weekend!



Rudee said...

I don't recall my life BB. I think I was bored stupid. I have met some interesting people along the way. Hey! If I didn't know you through my blog, I wouldn't own your plastic bottles, and you wouldn't have a beautiful Clapotis to snuggle up with.

Brenda said...

You are lucky if you have friends that like to get together and not gossip. That would be fun!

I meant to ask you about those plastic containers. Did they work out for the cookies? If so, I still have some more. Just let me know if you could use any of them.
Yep....I LOVE my toasty shawl. I admire it often!

flydragon said...

Hey, that person doesn't know what she/he is missing. This is great fun, and a learning experience to boot. So what if my house gets a little dusty at times...the laundry piles up...the microwave gets a work out...fingers get glued to the keyboard...
Oh oh...

MYRA said...

Wow! What an odd looking comp from 28 years ago!!! So tiny a screen! 8-)

I love my blogging, and I love reading others blogs! More time spent on others. Yes!

I have noticed my eagerness to blog and read others has dwindled since I started last May, and I think that is normal... I feel more relaxed about it all.... I still check on everyone, but not every day now... maybe every 3 days on a rotational bases...

I think it is wonderful getting to know others all over the world! 8-)

Gotta run! A quilt retreat is waiting for me! Fun, fun! 8-)

Gramma Ann said...

I didn't even know what a computer was 28 years ago. I've only been blogging for about a year or two. I started my "Moody Blues" blog about 2 years ago. I don't know how people other then my friends found it.

Now since I like to collect Quotable Quotes I started my "Quotes and Things" blog which is the blog most people visit. I never started them for anyone but myself, for my own enjoyment. I'm sure I am the only one who enjoys them.

Since I like to read, a few month ago I started "My Reading Corner" blog. I love to read and decided to keep somewhat track of the reading I do and leave a comment after I read the book as to whether I enjoyed it or not.

The rest of my blogs are private. But sometimes I close the other ones if I'm not blogging on them.

I think I spend most of my time reading other peoples blogs. I have been trying to make a schedule of the days I will blog, but it is difficult, because once you start reading blogs the time just flies by, like now, I need to go fix lunch....

I love the photo of you and your computer. Very cute...

Have a wonderful week-end.


Winifred said...

Like you Brenda I'd much rather spend my time blogging than reading letters in newspapers. Mostly they're from people whingeing and with some axe to grind. Blogging is a much more civilised pastime.

The blog can be so many things doesn't have to be specialised and that's the great thing about it, there is so much variety. You can soend as little or as much time as you like on it. It's definitely a learning and social experience for me and much better than Facebook or Twitter.

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