Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life Of Leisure

I may end up regretting this post, but we'll see. I guess I just have to vent. I was out running errands the other day and ran into a friend, and some time into our conversation, she made a comment to me, saying she wished she led my life. A "life of leisure". I think I had been complaining about how I was going to be able to fit in having lunch with a friend, who's birthday was in January and we usually get together for our birthdays. And she made a comment, "Well, I wish I lived the life of leisure and could go have lunch with a friend and not have to work, and come in here and go shopping." I just smiled and said "Yeah I guess I am a whiner." But inside I was seething!!! I had to quickly walk away. Just curious what a life of leisure is, or what it means to some people. Does it mean 1. Not having a paying job . 2. Not having a full time job. 3. Being retired after working for 30 years. 4. Being a stay at home mom, because we all know they don't do anything. This subject really peeves me off, because I have had several comments made to me over the years and I think it is because I have not had a 40 hour a week job that I have gone to for the past 40 years. I have had several "40 hours a week pay check jobs" over the years but never for long stretches of time. When I don't have a "40 hour a week paid job" I still do A LOT of work.
This vent could go on and on and on, but I better just leave it at this. Some how I feel I will never win this argument. Better just get back to my bon bons and soap operas while the maid does everything else.


Gramma Ann said...

Oh Yes! The life of leisure! I never worked away from home. But my days started at 5:30 am most days, getting the hubby off to work. Next I did the farm chores, came in got the children fed, did the work that needed done that day, late afternoon went to the barn did the farm chores, came in the house got dinner and fed the family, got everyone bathed and bedded down and had about 2 hours to set and relax until bedtime. And then started over the next day. Oh BTW, I had 5 kids so I didn't set around all day eating bon bons and reading books. But 11 years ago we retired and I figure I earned "My life of leisure" and I am enjoying every minute of it. So just let those kind of comments slide off your back like water does to a duck's back! These kind of people are never happy no matter what your life is like. They are trying to boast that they have a wonderful life whereas yours is very boring. And if you knew the truth they are probably very unhappy. There now I will quit venting and say have a wonderful happy life of leisure and embrace it for all it is worth, if that is what you want...

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I think your friend might have been just a wee bit jealous of you, that is why she made that comment. I would have just said to her, "Ah, yes, I just love my life of leisure. Wish you could be in my shoes as well, dear."

I do live a life of leisure, and I don't care who knows it, or what their opinion is of it. Like Ann, I figure I earned it.

Don't let comments like that get your "goat." Just enjoy your family, hobbies, etc, and be glad you are well and able to enjoy them.

Our wetaher has improved considerably, and nice, mild days are in the forecast into next week. Woo Hoo, this lady of leisure is going to be out enjoying it.

Have a great evening!



Poetikat said...

You think that's bad? Try explaining how you're a "poet" and the rest of the time, you spend taking care of your mom. You wouldn't believe the looks I get!
No one thinks poetry is a legitimate profession and I sure as heck must be living the life of leisure.
So, how come I fall into bed dead tired every night and don't sleep well and Stop me now!
That felt good. You go girl, Brenda!!!


flydragon said...

Years ago when I was a stay at home mom with 3 kids at that time, my brother-in-law stopped by for something. I must have mentioned that I was tired, because he said "what happened, all the machines broken?" You want to talk about fuming mad!!!! Not too long after that his wife got sick and he sent all his kids out to different family members because he couldn't handle it. Yes, I took one in. Always felt sorry for his wife.
And now, I am definitly a lady of lesiure:))) Where's my candy!!!

Rudee said...

Working your 40 hours a week for your whole damn life is overrated. I only do it for the yarn.

Your friend sounds like her tongue is so sharp, she doesn't need a knife to cut her food. Take brats like her with a grain of salt. Make that 2 grains.

Betty Flocken said...

Once during a job performance review, I was asked what my "career goals" were; Without thinking and in very poor form I replied, Bon Bons and Oprah, why? I worked away from home for 30 plus years my mother stayed far busier than me, and raised (well) her six children. No sick days either. I'm pretty sure, my mom worked harder than I have and her "job" was so much more important. People forget, I think, what "HomeMaker" really means. God Knows and my husband knows.. I certainly don't do well at HomeMaker..... That woman who said that to you sounds like a real B, who is VERY RUDE. I'd think of a come back, practice it every day and the next time someone says something that rude, reply in kind.

Dana said...

Oh I would have been mad too. Some people know not what they say.

MYRA said...

I think some people are just ignorant to the fact that they "assume to know" what goes on in another ones life/home. Does anyone really know what goes on behind closed doors?
Yes there are those that have worked hard most of their life, be it with a paid job, a busy household of family, caring for aging parents, or/and both... Sometimes though, on the outside all looks good, but many, many people live a life with depression... Believe me, that is not a life of leisure... It is a struggle/battle that most try to overcome... with very little successes along the way...
We would do well to accept all as is, and not assume anything...
Whatever your life/situation is, as long as you are happy with it, be so, and those that struggle, have the courage to carry on...
Blessings to all... 8-)

Brenda said...

Thanks Everyone!!!
I think I get "testy" about the subject because it is so unfair, and so misunderstood when people say and think these things! And then I get mad at myself for not defending myself more. This person I was referencing has gone through many tough times and I should have just let it go knowing that she has suffered much, but she just caught me on a day when I couldn't let it go. I usually don't like to use a blog to do this stuff. Usually it is my husband who listens to my "vents".

Winifred said...

Maybe she is a bit jealous of you like Renie says. It's amazing what people's perceptions of us are.

I went out to work partly because we needed the money but also because everyone expected me to do everything for them just because I wasn't working after all I was just sitting at home. It was easier to go to work!

A few years ago I went part time at work to look after my granddaughter for 2 days a week, when I went back into work I always said "I've come into work for a rest!"

Just take it with a pinch of salt, you probably caught her on an off day but it was unkind of her.

How's Clifford? I saw your comment on Rudee's posting about Duke. Hope he's OK.

Sandy said...

You have a right to vent! I would feel the same way. Taking care of kids or grandkids, it ain't always have to be "on the job"....

love the zebra cup.

I have got to get off this computer now and run some errands but have several more catch ups to do around our "tribe" Rudee and Gramma Ann, many more.

I'm just so thrilled and proud of you that you drew the cat...and did so well.

Rositta said...

Ah jealousy, quite an emotion isn't it. She's pissed because she has to work, tough luck. I worked for 45 years steady, sometimes way more than 40 hours a week (real estate) and now am home disabled. I still get comments like that. I tell them I'd much rather be working than stuck at home all the time. I would gladly trade places with a healthy able bodied person. That shuts them up generally. Stay home, have fun and do whatever you please and forget about petty people...ciao

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