Monday, March 16, 2009

My Relaxing Weekend

Well, I did not get to do the drawing yet that I wanted to, but maybe towards the end of the week I will get to it. I did however rent 2 movies and knit while I watched them. I finished the colorful soft item I was knitting and decided to just make it a little mini blanket for Maddie. I don't have a picture of it yet though. I watched 2 movies by myself, because I think they would be called girlie movies. I had read the book "The Secret Life Of Bees" when it came out and was happy to see it was made into a movie this past year. Most of the time a movie will never be as good as the book. This was an exception. The movie was right on target with the book. Excellent! I may have to buy this one. I loved the two books Sue Monk Kidd wrote. Hopefully her second book "The Mermaid Chair" will be made into a movie also.

The second film I rented was "Australia". I hadn't really heard anything about this one, but just grabbed it off the shelf. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The little boy that played in it was adorable. He is so cute, for awhile I was unsure if he was a girl. I tried to google him and find out more about him but really didn't find out much. The film was well worth watching again. I always judge a really good movie on weather or not I would be able to sit through it several times. Both of these films I could watch a few more times.


Rudee said...

I keep meaning to rent Australia. I'll rent it for the cute boy alright, but it'll be Hugh Jackman I ogle when I watch it. Can't wait to see your knitting.

Reader Wil said...

It must have been a wonderful movie! The child is adorable! I have two beautiful half Aboriginal grandchildren myself.

MYRA said...

I've seen both movies...
Australia with the hubby. Enough of a chick flick for me, and enough action in it for him. Loved it! That little guy there, this was his first attempt at acting. Pretty darn good hey!?! 8-)
We rented the Life of Bees not long ago too. I had seen the actors and talk of the movie on Oprah, thus had to see it. Loved it! 8-)

Gramma Ann said...

I also read the book, "The Secret Life Of Bees" and I bought the DVD, but haven't watched it yet. Actually, my young friend Sarah borrowed it and hasn't brought it back yet. Now after reading your review, I will have to ask her for it to watch over the week-end. I haven't read "The Mermaid Chair" but made a note of it to look for it next time I am at the bookstore.

Have a great week.


Winifred said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll keep an eye out for them.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I'll have to buy The Secret Life of Bees! I have seen Australia, and it was a fairly good movie.

I planted lettuce and spinach today. Don't have any rabbits around here, but the deer are bad about eating things, too. Last year I had good luck with both lettuce and spinach.

Hope you had a good Tuesday.



Sandy said...

I am so behind on blog visiting. I have the book but never read it and I just noticed on cable ON Demand I can rent it (which I have never done) and the exact two movies you mentioned..I want to see especially the Bee one.

Sorry you didn't get tha relaxing weekend.

I was going to write out about watching grandkids and especially 1 year old but I think I'll email you instead....

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