Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Objects That Talk

I was visiting Winifred's blog today and she was talking about answering machines or recorded messages. You know the ones that say Press "1" if you want to speak to blah blah blah..Press "2" for blah blah blah.. Those things are so frustrating! I was telling her that our cable company has you try and fix your own connections via recorded messages. I did that one time and I think it ended up taking me about 40 minutes. The recorded message says, "I'll hold on while you go and unplug the connection. When you return say "Finished". You know those things make you feel like you are really off your rocker. Yelling words into a phone to a recorded person, when you are by yourself is nuts! A couple of years ago I was at a mall with my daughter and the trash can was talking! "Thank You for the lovely trash" or whatever it said. This all reminded me of my Grandma. When I was visiting her about 35 years ago, they had just put in a drive through fast food place that reminded me of Sonic. You know the ones where you can pull up and talk into the intercom without driving through. I don't know why she thought that you had to get out of the car and YELL the order while she stared at the window of the building, but God love her she did. I couldn't control myself and laughed hysterically sitting in the car. I wonder if my Grandpa told her that is what you had to do. When I drove her there, she acted like she did this all the time. They always went and got a bag of burgers... so I let her do her thing. I did however, tell her through my tears that was NOT how you did it. She didn't believe me. She said they wouldn't be able to hear her if she didn't get out and yell it. Okay, Grandma have it your way.
Now I am a Grandma and I wonder what the grands will be laughing at me about. There will actually be a large amount to choose from. Trust me.


Rudee said...

Oh my God. I haven't laughed like this in days. Thank you my friend, I needed that!

Betty Flocken said...

That's a wonderful post Brenda! I think my kids, when they are together, have many things they laugh at me about. Grand kids? Not yet.. Although My Makayla is always telling her sisters and Daddy to be nice to Gran..... SHE'S SO OLD!

Renie Burghardt said...

Yeah, I hate objects that talk! Especially on the phone. Funny story about your cable company, Brenda. We don't quite have cable yet in the boonies, so when I call Direct TV because of some problem, I get a foreigner in China or some other part of the world, giving me directions in a language I can barely understand! Might as well be a recording!

Hahaha on your Grandma story. That was cute. I'm sure my grands get many chuckles about some of my quaint ways.

Have a great Wednesday!



Gramma Ann said...

That is so funny. My husband always has trouble getting his ordering done right when he orders through the speakers. I finally told him, make up your mind before you order, and say what you want one time and see if that works. He has trouble understanding them and sometimes I holler the answers to their questions from the passengers seat. But, I never get out of the car and holler at them. ;)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for visitng me. Now I am visiting you. It made me laugh - I remember my mother, who never got really familiar with the telephone and would hold it at arm's length and shout! Now I look at my grandchildren sometimes I wonder what they are thinking about me, so your post really struck a chord.

flydragon said...

Hahahah, loved it!!!

Patty said...

That is so funny. Grandma yelling in her order. One day when our four older kids were small, I pulled into a McDonald's, and heard this voice say, may I help you please, so I started off with my order and this stern voice, said could you please wait. I said what the heck they asked me for my order. Then I found out, our only son, who was in the back seat, had cupped his mouth and asked me for the order. Did I ever feel stupid. I have no idea what the person working the drive through thought.

Sandy said...

HAHAHAH, that is one funny visual, imagining your gramma doing that!! Too funny. Yeah I wonder what my grankids will say..

something like, gramma always had to play with her colored pencils and crayons...she would lock herself away for hours and not let us in her room.

Brenda said...

I am glad you laughed...

Ha...there are days I FEEL so old and then days I think..wait..I am not old.

Stories about our family members really get me and my cousins going into hysterical laughter. But I don't know what my kids or grands are going to laugh at about me. I'm sure it will be several things.
I try not to take life too seriously, and have a good laugh at myself sometimes.

My husband and I do the same thing at drive throughs. We tend to get up there and study the menu too long. Younger people drive through so often they have all of them memorized.

My Dad never would use the telephone, that I remember and when he did he yelled in it also. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by. I could have made the story more humorous I guess but I was in a hurry.

Your story was as funny as mine. Sounds like something my son would have done. ha hahaha

I think they may laugh about the nutty woman that asked you to draw her as an owl. My what weird friends you have Grandma! Ha!

Sandy said...

hahha, yup!

Winifred said...

What a lovely story Brenda.

Think I'd quite like to be remebered as the batty grandma. I've always been very conventional and at work I made them laugh when I used to say when I was sixty I'd dye my hair purple and have twenty cats. I've only got two cats now, I really can't afford any more and I haven't dyed my hair purple. They might get me locked up!

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