Monday, March 23, 2009

Quilt Show

Sunday I went to a local Quilt Show. I thought I was not going to be able to go this year, but decided at the last minute to go for one hour. I had stubbed my toe that morning and also had a migraine headache, but somehow made it through the day. Excedrin Migraine works pretty good if you catch it in time before it gets too bad. That morning I didn't know my toe was broke and walked around the show. Later that day, it became obvious. It was swollen and black and blue. Fortunately it was the middle toe so not much pressure is being put on it. One year I broke three toes and went to the emergency room and sat there for 4 hours only to have the doctor tell me they don't do anything for broken toes.

Anyway, aren't these quilts beautiful!
You really have to double click on the pictures to see the stitching.

I know there are a lot of pictures, and if you don't have time now, you can always come back and look at them again. I usually walk through these shows pretty quickly, but enjoy looking at all the pictures on the computer. Years ago when I didn't have a digital camera, I used to spend a small fortune on film and developing. I must have thousands of pictures from Quilt Shows.


Sandy said...

Great quilts and hope that toe heals up soon!!

I only went to the doctor once with a broken toe. Told me there was nothing he could do, so every subsequent break I just grinned and beared it so to speak but I did whine a lot.

Mary said...

These are wonderful! The reason we both had shows, is because Saturday was National Quilt Day and many cities host events. Sorry about your toe and hope it is healed by Paducah :-) I'll be going on Wednesday the 22nd.

Renie Burghardt said...

Beautiful quilts, Brenda! Gorgeous!

I have never had a migraine, so don't know what they're like, and I've never broken a toe! (I have broken a hip though!) Hope you feel better.

Healing hugs,


Reader Wil said...

Thank you so much for showing these wonderful quilts! How brave of you to go there with a broken toe. Did you tape your toe? That's what doctors do here.I hope your toe will soon heal!

Rudee said...

Ouch on the toe. The quilts are all beautiful. I'm particularly taken with the 4th from the top. All that scroll like stitching is beautiful.

Delphine said...

Hi Brenda--what a wonderful cascade of colours, I liked he royal Blue and Black one the best. I was certainly worthwhile going ,if a little painful, cos you can now put your feet up and have all those lovely pictures as souvenirs of the day you broke your toe!

Gramma Ann said...

Those quilts are all so lovely, I was trying to choose my favorite, but it is really difficult. They are all so lovely. Hope the toe is giving you less pain!

Betty Flocken said...

These are so beautiful! I can't imagine all the time spent on each section. Hope your foot is feeling better

Winifred said...

Those quilts are so beautiful. what amazing talents people have.

Hope your toe gets better soon Brenda. Be careful!

Rositta said...

Back in May 2007 I thought I broke a toe (I posted the photo) and due to circumstances did nothing about it for a month. Then I found out that I had indeed broken a bone in my foot that healed badly. Now two years later I will need surgery to correct this problem since I can't walk well and have crooked toes. So I would recommend getting an x-ray at least. I'm doing my foot as soon as my eye is healed (surgery happening tomorrow). The quilts are amazing I would definitely been tempted to buy, sigh...ciao

Brenda said...

I was glad I could post these pictures, but it took forever. Too many to put up really...but I did it anyway.

I didn't even know it was National Quilt Day. I will miss seeing you at Paducah by a day or 2. We are going on Thursday or Friday. It would have been fun to run into you!

Breaking a hip has to be worse than the toe. I once broke three toes and that was worse than one. My feet have had bad luck lately.

Taping it would be hard, but I may have to. Like I told Renie, I am having bad luck with my feet lately and I need them, so I better take care of them.

The quilt you were talking about was made out of mens ties. Pretty cool huh? I didn't read the story yet in the book, but sometimes ladies do that with a man in their life who have passed away. Creative thing to remember them by.

Thanks for visiting. I liked that one too...well I liked all of them.

I forgot whether or not you told me you quilted. Just curious.

Whenever I go to these shows, I am in awe of how much time they must take to make. I have made some quilts and they do take me forever. It took me 3 years to make my daughter and son-in-laws wedding quilt.

Thanks...I hope your back is better!

Now I am wondering if I should go have it x-rayed. I have had a few people tell me their toes don't heal correctly after they are broken. My tendinitis and plantars fascitis is on the other foot. I really have a new appreciation for my feet when they bother me, as I am sure you do also. And your eyes! I will thinking about you tomorrow!

MYRA said...

First of all, you take car of that toe of your's!!!

Thank you so much for the show of quilts! All lovely, though some of them are absolutely awesome!!! Some very talented ladies out your way...

Take care!

Alison said...

Lots of lovely quilts there.

I think it's a great idea to take photos and reflect on them afterwards. Sometimes seeing so much of something en masse means you miss some of the detai. Aren't digital cameras a great invention to allow you to do so relatively cheaply?

Poetikat said...

I hope you've got ice on that toe. Owwch!

I love the quilt at the top, the feline one (of course) AND the one with the birdhouses.


Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your visit and comment on the concentration camps, which I answered on my blog.

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