Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

I was cleaning out a drawer a few weeks ago and found these seed packets. I have tried to get some flowers started from seed in the last few years, because it is cheaper and a lot more fun to watch them grow from seed. Also, when the rabbits eat the flowers I don't feel as disappointed. One year I was so excited to buy some flowers that I thought were just beautiful as I was planting them, but my excitement turned to sadness when the rabbits ate them all the way down to nothing, and they never came back. Now I have become less ambitious about planting flowers. It is still sad if the seedlings get eaten but I haven't spent as much money on them.

I started knitting a scarf that will either be for me or Maddie. This yarn came in a basket we won about a year ago. There was an odd assortment of yarn in this basket. Not much more than 2 small skeins of most of it, so whatever I do with it will have to be something small. This yarn is very very soft and I am pretty sure little Maddie will like it. I also bought the Spring issue of Debbie Bliss's magazine because I would like to make the cover shawl. I recently visited our yarn store on Main Street and they were so nice I wanted to purchase something. I just got the magazine and one $5 pattern for a child poncho for Maddie. I was proud of myself. I really have been trying to curb my spending sprees because we have so many home projects that are going to end up costing a depressing amount of money.

I also thought I would try to draw this picture we have in our bathroom. It is a little hard to tell from the photo but it has a three dimensional texture to it. I thought that might make for a challenge on the drawing. I may be in over my head though and have to try something else.
I am really hoping for a very relaxing slow weekend, because we haven't had one for several weeks, it seems. Hope your weekend is a good one and thanks for reading my blog!


Sandy said...

I love the color yarn you are working with, very pretty. I have the same problem with seeds, the rabbits eat the plants and if they don't the birds get the seed.

Good for you....both in having a relaxing weekend and in drawing. Hope you do draw it and share!

I will be putting up a cow pic later on my art board cause my sis wants to choose that one for the art challenge. Hope you join in.

Rudee said...

I was thinking about moving and leaving my beautiful iris plants. I'll just have to come back after they bloom and split them. THey're too pretty. I know I still own this house, and they're my flowers, but I want to see them where I wake up too.

I like the scarf, and I admire your fortitude. Those "nice" store owners always talk me into spending more than I planned. That blob on my needles today is a Pi shawl in a gate and ladder stitch pattern. The sample in the store was stunning. Don't worry, someone else did the math for me...

Winifred said...

Lovely colours in that wool.
Well we don't have any nice wool shops near us so it's a mixed blessing.

I'd rather the rabbits got the plants than the blinkin' slugs and snails we get. I put the flowers in pots and they still get them.

Gramma Ann said...

The yarn looks like it will make a lovely scarf. And I look forward to seeing your painting after it is finished. I'm sure it will be lovely.

Poetikat said...

That yarn is gorgeous! It's exactly the sort of thing I would find impossible to resist buying if I saw it. Whoever is receiving it in the end is a very lucky person indeed.


delphine said...

Hello from France! I came to you from sandy's blog, I see you like architecture,something we have in common.
Do you know I keep thinking of taking up kntting again, it is so relaxing! Trouble is the last time I actually completed something was when I was pregnant, and that was
well over 40 yers ago haha

MYRA said...

Those wascally wabbits!!!

Great yarn! Love the colors!

Do show your drawing when you are done! 8-)

Any stitching happening?

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