Friday, April 24, 2009

Best Quilt Show So Far

Well, I have to say that this show I just went to was the best one I have been to.
I took 400 pictures, maybe more.
I was trying to put a slide show on my sidebar to show them all, but haven't figured it out yet. So I will just put up some now and then.

These pictures don't even come close to how fabulous they are.

It was very very crowded which made it really difficult to take pictures.
I wasn't there long enough to really stare at the quilts and study them.

This was the 25th year and sadly may be the last for this location.
They may be moving the show to another location next year.
I will probably not get to go if they do, because this show I can drive to in one day and not have to spend the night.
Plus the town itself is so personal and I really enjoy going there.
I am really tired tonight, but will put more up later.

Also, Rosy will be in on the Art challenge
and when she puts her pictures up then I will be showing those off.


Rudee said...

Wow. They're beautiful! I'm glad you enjoyed it. By the way, JoJo made it safe and sound. Thank you.

Gramma Ann said...

They are lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing them with us, it's the only way I will ever experience seeing quilts. I enlarged the pictures and could see so much more of the detail that goes into each one.

Winifred said...

They are beautiful. It's lovely the show is so near you. Hope it stays near you as you say it's more difficult if you have to stay the night.

It must be hard not to touch them!

Reader Wil said...

Your photos are brilliant in spite of the crowd. They are all beautiful quilts, but the third one is my favourite!
Thanks for sharing and thanks for the visit! Yes the insurance paid for everything, this all happened four years ago. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

cat's momma said...

Beautiful...and I love quilts!

Sandy said...

Hey cool about all the quilts you photographed. Even though I don't make quilts I love to look at them. Will be looking forward to more pics. Glad Rosy is joining in too.

Mary said...

Wasn't this a fabulous show?? I was astonished by how beautiful the quilts were this year. Like you, I can drive there and will hate to have them move it somewhere else. What would Paducah be without the Paducah Quilt Show and the museum is there too. I am already upset because they moved the Nashville show to Knoxville this year. I posted a link for my photos on my quilt blog and a few of the photos in my nature blog.

MYRA said...

Great photos of great quilts there Brenda!!! Love that first quilt! Very different hey!?!
Glad you had a good outing! 8-)

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