Monday, April 13, 2009


I just got an email from our Vet's office saying that in 2 weeks they will close up. This is very disappointing to me, because our Cliffie is so close to the end of his life. I was so depending on them to help me deal with all of this. This is not the only Vet service he has had in the past 15 years, but during the past few years we have been there, I have been so happy with the service and care he has had. They have been so personable.... all of them! I was just getting excited about being able to take him to be groomed there his next time. I took him in a few weeks ago because of some rectal bleeding that was due to anal sac infection...sorry I know that is kinda gross, but it happens. They had just told me they were going to start the grooming service and I could bring him in the next time. We have boarded him there and taken him there for all of this shots yearly and he gets an allergy shot every so often. Last year when he had his annual check and shots, I talked to them about his age and what should I do if he should happen to expire at home. They reassured me that they had a service that could pick him up and dispose of his body or if I was able I could bring him in and they would dispose of his body. I tried to prepare myself this time because our last dog of 11 years got hit by a truck right in front of our house and died instantly, and I was so in shock and grief I had to get out the yellow pages and try and figure out what to do. It was very traumatic, as we had a teen age visitor (our daughter's friend) from out of town staying with us. She was due to get back to the airport right around this time. My husband had to put our dog, Arthur, in a wrapped blanket while we drove her to the airport. Then we took his body to a place that would cremate him. Oddly enough it was right next door to the company truck that hit and killed him. I never blamed the truck driver and to tell you the truth, I don't think he was even aware that he had hit and killed him. It was a large delivery truck and Arthur ran under the back tires. He was a small Lhasa Apso dog. I was getting ready to take him to the groomers before we took our friend to the airport and he got off his leash and took off. He had been ill for some time with occasional seizures and when he had these he would lose control of his bladder and bowels. I was never able to make the decision to have him put down. I feel that when a pet is so obviously suffering and in severe pain, it may make the decision to do that easier. The delivery truck accident happened before I had to make that call.
Now here I am with a new dilemma with our Cliffie. I can not see any obvious signs of intense pain coming from his behavior yet. He has skin problems and cannot hear or obey orders very well and occasionally has trouble jumping up on furniture etc. Now I need to find another service to help me with all of these things that are to come. I haven't called the office yet but I am going to guess the economy is the culprit of the closing. Sorry about the long winded post today.


MYRA said...

First, is that you ducking out of the photo?

Second, I can sooooo relate to your dilemma with the Vets office... When we find ourselves a great place, with people that we like and trust with our beloved fur friends, it is very hard to accept the change... Perhaps you can find out where some of them may be moving to, and follow...

I have a friend that keeps trying to talk me into going to a vet she takes here pets to cause he is "cheaper"... That does not sway me though... Trust and understanding has no price in my mind.

Winifred said...

That's so sad Brenda. Like you say you have built up trust and were relying on them.

We only have one vet in our town so I dread anything happening to their practice.

Hopefully you'll find another good vet and have time to get used to taking Clifford their.

He's absolutely gorgeous. Such a character too.

flydragon said...

What a little cutie Cliffie is!! I agree with Myra, find out where they are going and perhaps follow. Or you could ask them for the name of another vet. A good, caring vet will usually only recommend another of the same like.
Hopefully you won't need one for a while yet though!

Brenda said...

What a great eye you have! The ducking out person was my son. This picture was taken several years ago. I have a picture of Clifford with a large white hat on that I can't find. I agree with you about asking them where they are going. I was shocked to get the email! Peace of mind mean a lot to me.

This place that he was going to is called Veticare and I think there may be several of them, like possibly a chain owned by one or more people. The only thing I can think of is that for financial reasons they had to close. I am going to try and call them tomorrow to find out the reason.

Thanks for visiting and I agree that hopefully they will recommend a vet for me. I was just there about 2 weeks ago and they said nothing to indicate this happening.

Rudee said...

Cliffie is adorable. When his time comes, you'll know it. Take it from the pro.

I'm so sorry to hear your vet is closing up shop. It must be a sign of the times, and makes me wonder if people are not getting their animals taken care of. Hopefully, you'll find someone else nearby that you'll be able to trust in.

Renie Burghardt said...

Cliffie is adorable, Brenda. Just take it one day at a time with him, like you would with an ill human. Meanwhile, I'm sure your vet's office will be able to recommend another vet.

One of my dogs is now 13, hard of hearing, and somewhat arthritic, but she does very well otherwise, and I'm just enjoying her, and not really planning or thinking of her demise. When the time comes, and I hope not in the near future, I will be at her side to the end, and will make sure she is in no pain.


Sandy said...

Clifford is adorable and sorry to hear that he is closer to the end. Ahhh, yes what to do. We just called up a vet hospital type place and when it was our Goldie's time to go, took her in and they gave her a shot to put her to sleep and that was it,....but I don't know about when they are at home and pass away. I would just keep an eye and when you know she is in pain, put her to sleep.

Brenda said...

I am not looking forward to that day...uggg. We all have to face it though if we own pets.

You have so many animals at your place, they must mean so much to you. Thanks for your faithful visits to my blog!

I didn't remember you ever having a dog, but then again I have only known you for a little over a year. Sometimes it seems I have known my blogger friends longer than that.

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