Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Colorful Rooster

Here are the colorful roosters that everyone drew for my art challenge.

Here is the original picture.

Here is Sandy's

Here is CM's or Laura's

Here is Crusty's

Here is Rosy's.

Here is mine.

Mine has the least amount of color. It looks like it went through the washing machine with bleach. (Ha) Well, anyway I tried and it was hard but fun and a challenge. What I liked about this is that I paid a little more attention to the process of how to do something like this. Everyone who participated told a little bit about how they did it. That really helped me.

The original picture has a lot of stuff on the ground. For me that was just too much to deal with, so I chose not to have a background. Big mistake.

See Crusty used colored paper and chalk. That to me helped make the white in the rooster show up more. Also the red and yellow and orange and black chalk were bright.

I used watercolor pencils and some markers, but neither showed bright colors against the white paper.

Rosy used a combination of watercolor, pencil and felt pen. She said she had trouble with the feet but she created her own, because on the original picture, you can hardly see the legs and feet, so you have to make them up.

Then CM said that she used colored pencil but her picture is so colorful, so I wonder if I just didn't press down hard enough or color over mine more. But she also made her background really colorful and that just made the whole picture look more distinct to me.

And then Sandy's rooster is really good, but she didn't think it was. So she put in some special touches with the colorful circles and the text. Those two additional things made the picture more colorful to me.

Thanks ladies for doing this because it was like an art lesson for me.


Winifred said...

That was a great idea Brenda. Just wish I dare try but I'm hopeless.

All of the pictures were lovely and all so different. Hope you're going to do this again.

cat's momma said...

That was really enjoyable, Brenda, and it was fun to see everyone's version in one place.

Brenda said...

If you come back here, I know you left a comment, but it disappeared when I tried to move this post over to my sidebar and found it was too big and then moved it back. Sorry!

Mary said...

I like them all! What a neat idea to have a challenge like that!

Sandy said...

actually I left two comments...liking all of them but particularly impressed with Rosy's version.

The Crusty Crone said...

I really like how the collage looks. Each one has its own charm. Each made of its own style.

Although the color on yours is light I still like it. I think you really captured the shape of a rooster/chicken, too. Seeing yours helped me sit my butt down and do mine, because I liked it so much. No kidding.

(I'm a bit of a drama freak... light against dark or dark against light. Big POPS! Is it any wonder my blog has a black background.)

Renie Burghardt said...

I like them all, Brenda. Like someone else said, they are all unique to the style of the artist. What a fun challenge. Wish I could draw! Or have the time to really try.



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