Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Few More Pictures of Quilts

Here are a few more pictures of some quilts from the show. I am kinda tired right now from just doing a few things around the house. Sweeping and washing the kitchen floor at our house seems like a never ending chore. It was really dirty, but in all fairness I would have to say it was probably last week sometime when it was washed. Every time I clean it... it feels like I just did it the day before.

Last night a group of ladies from a charity organization I belong to, had a "Project Runway" . My fellow officer and I put together 10 bags of things like, colored tissue paper, tape..no scissors, old pieces of cloth, ribbons, newspaper, plastic trash bags, and several other things, and then asked each lady to choose a model and design an outfit with what was in the bag. It was a lot of fun and I think they all enjoyed it. I would show pictures but I doubt I should do that without their permission. Very few of the ladies ever use a computer, so I don't think they would give permission to something that they wouldn't even know what I was talking about. It was fun to see what they could come up with with such goofy things to work with. The planning behind these meetings are a lot of work, and I feel wiped out after wards. It is all for charity though and that perks me up.

Our weather has been cooler thank goodness, because our air conditioner is on the fritz. Now I am finding myself wondering how that expression got started. On the fritz. Just looked it up, and here is what I found. Aren't computers amazing? Now I just need to find myself a "Rosie the Robot" floor washer.


Renie Burghardt said...

The quilts are beautiful, of course, Brenda.

You really reached 90 degrees already? I thought we were warm at 85. And I put the air on around here when it's in the low 70s if it's sunny. The house has nothing but big windows, and it gets hot in here. I'd be tired and cranky if my air was on the fritz. (I'll have to go find out how that word came to be.)

Your Project Runway must have been so much fun. Too bad you didn't post pictures. And if you find a Rosie the Robot floor washer, let me know. I'd like one of those myself!

Today it was only 70 and very pleasant, so I was home and out in the garden. Loved it.



Rudee said...

You know, you're very funny when you're tired. On the fritz indeed. My favorite words were military in origin-snafu and fubar. That pretty much explained the old ICU I worked in.

Anywho-lunch with the good sister tomorrow who is home for a month from Nicaragua. Lord help me keep my wallet in my purse-I can't afford chickens or a cow right now.

I'm off to look up the word fritz now. THanks for the link.

Rudee said...

Forgot to say Amen after my little prayer, and I lurve that purple quilt.

Gramma Ann said...

The quilts are all lovely, but my favorite is the "Purple Quilt".

About keeping the kitchen floor clean! The older I get the less I care if the floor is spic & span. I use to scrub it on my hands and knees, now I use the "Swiffer Wetjet" to scrub it. So much easier...;) I couldn't live without my "Swiffer" products. Dry, Wet or Dusters, I love them all.

I agree you are very funny when you are tired.

Have a great Wednesday, Brenda.

Sandy said...

hahaha, you wash your kichen floor that often, ha!! I wouldn't dream of it...hehe.

One thing I'm bad about is my kitchen floor but it is this type of porcelain tile that really doesn't show the spills. I hate doing floors. I'm really enjoying these quilts, they are so gorgeous.

Wish you could have posted their pics...

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