Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Having A Little Fun

Just had some extra time tonight after dusting and cleaning and organizing a little and found this picture of a doll and thought I would give it a try. I tried to just do an outline similar to how I was taught to applique quilts. Short faint lines where the fabric should go, before you start stitching. This seemed to work okay with the drawing also. The shading is really hard for me. I feel more confident when I just use pencil and charcoal pencils and some blending with my finger. This time I tried to blend the shading with a white blender thingy I got at Michaels when I bought the basic drawing pencil set. I liked the shading that was in the picture I was looking at, but not on my drawing, so I need more practice. I then tried to fill in with watercolor pencils and ended up not liking that and just not liking these watercolor pencils all that much. Maybe I am not using them right.
I took the picture over in my photo explosion program and clicked on several different things. First I tried the colored pencil in the artistic area of the program, but it didn't change it much. Then I did a gradual tint and I liked that. I think I lightened it up somehow and liked that. Then I put a frame around it. I know it isn't all that good, but at least I am trying. A few weeks ago, I tried to draw a face only picture of Princess Diana and it ended up in the trash can. I am afraid faces are going to be really hard. And shading....and blending. But I am having a little fun with it all.


Rudee said...

You are very talented there Miss Brenda. I like the original and the framed version.

Sandy said...

Well Brenda I think this is pretty darn good, you are just going to get hooked if you keep this up. I'm excited that you are drawing!

I keep going back and forth between mediums. My favorite use to be only colored pencil and sometimes I think I like it best (better than watercolor) because I have more control with it.

Winifred said...

Yes keep going with your drawing, I like these. I'm hopeless I keep meaning to try but I chicken out. I found shading hard to do at school and I was terrible at life drawing. Yours looks very good.

I'm having a go at designing a cross stitch mail art because I can't find what I want to buy. So that's had me researching some ideas on the internet. I'll have to draw and colour them first so I'm taking inspiration from you Brenda. I'll ley you know how I get on!

Betty Flocken said...

These are beautiful! You have a LOT of talent

Poetikat said...

That's the important thing - have fun with it! It's looking pretty darn good there, Brenda.


Patty said...

Looks like you enjoyed making the watercolor. Very nice. Happy week-end.

Gramma Ann said...

I am glad you are drawing and enjoying it. I think you did a great job. I would have to take lessons before I could draw stick dolls. lol

About my hairdresser. You are right I did post Julie as my hairdresser a few months ago. She owns the shop and did my hair until John (the one in the picture) came back to work, he was my hairdresser for a few years and then he took a break and just started back a few weeks ago. So, the two of them are my hairdressers.

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