Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Yard Is Coming To Life

Spring has sprung here in Missouri!
We tried to go to our beautiful Botanical Gardens yesterday
but apparently everyone else had the same idea.
We could not find a place to park.
We could have parked far away and walked
but my broken toes are not bending so well still
and since we just got back from
the Quilt Show
I didn't want to chance
making my foot worse.

So these photos are from our yard.
The first one is our dogwood.
This one above is our Japanese Maple.

I liked this shot with the stones in it.
This tree looks better this year than any other year, I think.

Our wisteria also looks better this year than some other years.
And it smells wonderful!
But the bees are swarming it!

Here is a side view of our pines and dogwood and hosta.

In this photo the wind was blowing and the flowers look like butterflies.

I like the way the light is shining in this one.

I was surprised when I walked around the side
and saw how big the hosta
had gotten in just one week.
Our temperatures have been in the 90's this past week.

I call this lamb's ear, but I don't know the real name for it.
It has extremely soft leaves and grows like a weed.
Later it will get a large purple flower that the bees LOVE.

This is a fresh pine branch that just came out.
The tree itself is not doing well and we may have to take it out.
It got damaged by the ice storm we had a couple of years ago.

These are some bulbs I planted on the side many years ago.
I can't remember what they are called.
We call it the purple onion flower.
Some years they come up
and some years they don't.


Gramma Ann said...

With a beautiful garden and yard you have, why go to the Botanical Gardens when you have all that beauty right there in your yard. I loved the dogwood blossoms, they are so lovely and the Japanese Maple is a treat to the eyes.

MYRA said...

What beauty you surround your home with! Wonderful Brenda! I am soooo jealous! We are basically starting form scratch here... The previous owners didn't have much happening here... But our gardens don't seem to get as lush and lovely as what you have in your little corner of the world... Enjoy... 8-)

Rudee said...

I wish I was sitting in your yard right now with a glass of iced tea. Your photos are beautiful-especially of your butterfly appearing flowers.

Reader Wil said...

Your garden looks great! My hosta starts always well but as soon as the flowers appear, the slugs and snails come and destroy the plant.
I saw that you had an entry of mine in the sidebar about Queens, but it's still not posted. It's a post for the letter Q in a fortnight.

flydragon said...

I love the looks of wisteria and your's is totally gorgeous!!!!

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your comment, Brenda! The post about the three ruling Queens in Europe is coming in 2 weeks when it's the turn of the letter Q in the ABC Wednesday meme. By accident I had posted it too early, if only for a few minutes. Sorry, for the inconvenience, Brenda!

The Crusty Crone said...

Lovely photos. Just lovely!!

cat's momma said...

Your yard looks beautiful!! I'm wondering what the red leaf tree is...looks kind of like a Japanese maple...very delicate, colorful leaves. Beautiful photos!

cat's momma said...

Oops! I just went back to look at that tree and you actually said it was a Japanese maple!

Sandy said...

Wow, these are great Brenda. It's so nice seeing spring photos on people's blogs now after all the snow people were posting a little while ago.

We went to a beautiful Garden the other day and it was crowded too!

Patty said...

We're finally getting a lot of things blooming and opening. Our weeping crab apple in the front is full of blossoms. Hosta's are all coming up nicely. Abe takes the photos and post them, I don't mess with the camera's. Looks like you have a lot of things all coming on.

Renie Burghardt said...

What a lovely yard, Brenda. The dogwoods were exceptionally nice this year around here, too. They are kind of fading away now. I have lambs ear as well, and that's what we call it. I think the purple onion flower is called allium, and it is in the onion family. But I may be wrong.

I really enjoyed your beautiful flowers, plants and trees. I have to get a Japanese maple!

Hope you had a great Tuesday!



Brenda said...

I tried to capture the best views, of course! I could take pictures of all the things that don't look all that good. Ha...

I always wonder about where you live, because I think it is really cold there, more so than where I live. I am curious to see what flowers etc you have, so I will be keeping an eye out on your blog.

Ha ha...we would have to sit on the grass or concrete. We have no patio furniture right now. We could have our tea in the kitchen and watch the outside from there though.

The slugs are bad here also and the hostas tend to brown out at times. They are still very hardy and pretty here where I live. And cheap to buy!

Thanks, they are so beautiful for such a short time though. And the scent is very nice if the bees let you close enough.


Ha....yes it is a Japanese Maple. They are especially beautiful at the Garden we wanted to go to.

Will be looking forward to the pictures on your blog!

Will look forward to the weeping crab pictures. I am not sure if I know if those are like weeping cherries. Abe does take some beautiful pictures!

Thanks! I remember now the flower is called allium, but didn't know why we called it purple onion. Do yours not come up every year like ours?

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