Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scottish Day on Main Street

Today was a great day here in St. Charles to get out and about. I started out wanting to go to Main Street to see if the city had planted some bulb gardens somewhere that I might be able to take some pictures. I had looked at the forecast for our upcoming week, and saw that tomorrow there could be rain and Monday and Tuesday possible snow and a hard freeze. So today was the day to try and capture some pictures. I didn't know that we were having a Scottish Festival down on the riverfront. I took lots of pictures, but may save some for the rest of the week. The picture of the sign is just something that I wanted to take because I love that style of writing. I am drawing a blank as to what style it is right now. I want to say Calligraphy but I think it may be Illuminated Manuscript? I think it is Calligraphy though, or a style similar. I think Illuminated lettering is closer together. Oh what Am I babbling about?! I just liked it..whatever it is.

This was a group of performers that have an annual Renaissance Faire in a nearby town.

There were a lot of dogs dressed up in tartan also. Many of them were very large dogs.

These folks were on a break as I walked by. Either that or they were dressed up "fill ins" for the ones who could play. Not sure. They weren't playing any music, and I stood around for awhile waiting. The guy with the violin looks like he is playing...but he is not.

One reason I enjoyed this was because I have Scottish ancestry. I did some genealogy one winter and could only go back to the year 1785 and they were still in the USA. I haven't had time to research any further and think it would be pretty expensive and very time consuming. My family heritage has not been all that interesting. As far as I know they were all farmers. They did name some of their children some pretty strange names though. Ligie and Pinkney were just two that are a little odd to me.

Tomorrow I may tell the story of the "Police Horse" or maybe "The Spinning Lady".


Sandy said...

Ligie and PInkney..hmm interesting names. I have Scotch and Irish in me. Enjoyed the photos and what a nice day out. And hope you tell the story of the police horse...

and...trusting you are doing better?!?

Reader Wil said...

There were many Scottish and Irish people in Australia too. We have many descendants from German and French ancestors. I like your photos! Thanks for sharing and for your visit. Have a nice weekend.

Betty Flocken said...

These are great pictures. I am a mutt - but don't think there's any Scottish blood.. I love the Scotts though. Looks like it'd have been a lot of fun. Looking forward to more photos

Renie Burghardt said...

What a nice festival, Brenda. I enjoyed the pictures, especially of the dogs. Yep, they say we may get a little snow tonight and Monday. Yuck! But it will be warm again by Wednesday.

Got to get ready for church soon. Happy Sunday!



Rudee said...

Those have to be Scottiish Deerhounds! They're huge. As far as the snow, blech, we have 6 to 9 inches forecast. What a nightmare.

Gramma Ann said...

I enjoyed your stroll through "Scottish Day on Main Street"

Back where I moved from in Maryland, every year the first week-end in June they had a "Scottish Highland Festival" I loved attending it, no Scottish blood in my background either. But, I loved their music and dancing. I loved to watch the dogs go through their routine of herding the sheep into the pen. And they had a lady who played the harp, that was just the most beautiful music you would want to hear.

I hope your Saturday on Main Street helped you to feel somewhat better.

Winifred said...

Looks like you had a good day out Brenda hope it made you feel better. I like your photos.

Are there lots of Scottish people living there?

delphine said...

So GREAT that you are feeling better and having a good time immersing yourself in folklore! what could be better. As for your guess on my blog!!!! UNRAT??? hahahaha Loved your pictures....

MYRA said...

Oh the festivities! Wonderful! Great photos! Those are certainly large dogs! Wow! 8-)

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