Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vacation Time

I am starting to get excited to go on a little "get away" to my annual Quilt Show trip next week. The drive is pleasant, the town is adorable and the talent is almost always overwhelming. The collage above is some quilts I have made. The Irish Chain was my first one, and it is now so raggedy I let Clifford lie on it. The next one I made is a king size Star of Bethlehem that I made from a pattern in a Quilt book. The third one is called Weavers Fever that I made for our niece. I took classes at a quilt shop for the Irish Chain and the Weavers Fever. The last one I made is a king size Double Wedding Ring for my daughter and her husband. All are hand quilted and took me forever. I really want to get back into applique like the blocks shown in the collage.

I really don't know how women can make as many quilts as they do. I just don't seem to be able to crank them out like I wish I could. Maybe I enjoy looking at them in books and magazines and going to Quilt Shows more than getting busy and making them....not sure. I enjoy getting to go to Paducah though and seeing all of the beautiful quilts.

Tonight I tried to watch American Idol. There may be 2 young men that I will hope keep going on the show. When they leave I won't watch anymore. I don't know why I say that because I haven't watched any of them so far, just a little bit here and there. One young man in particular made me feel like I was having a nightmare. I won't say which one. I guess I am just not in the mood this year for the Voted Off Shows. Even Dancing With The Stars is not holding my interest this year. And what is up with the commercials like Burger King with square butts, and Hardee's and the sexy woman licking stuff?!?!?!? When did burger joints feel like they need sex to sell burgers! Looking at the sexy woman makes every man want to run out to Hardee's and eat that burger. New birth control maybe? What the hell....Oh dear.....I am really getting old or something.....maybe I need a nice long vacation! No...those commercials are weird!!!!!


Rudee said...

No dear. It's not just you. I was watching 24 last night with my son, when they showed a Victoria's Secret ad. I recalled then that when i was his age, there were never commercials that blatant.

You're going to have a blast at that show. I love the ones you've done. Do you think I could make a quilt with stitch witchery? hahahahahaha.

Gramma Ann said...

Brenda, the quilts you made are beauties. I tried making a quilt (log cabin) many years ago, and couldn't stand doing the quilting, it gave me the worst backache I ever had. I never tried again. I don't remember who finished quilting it for me, nor do I remember what happened to it. Enjoy your mini-vacation and take lots of pictures of the many quilts and maybe share them with us. I know I will like looking at them.

And as far as the advertising on TV, I sometimes say to my husband, what are they selling a product or sex? I'm not sure which!? Especially the Hardee's ad! I usually mute the volume and do something else until they are over.

Sandy said...

Love those quilts, you're very talented and yes I can understand enjoying visiting quilt shows and reading about them more than the quilting itself some times. I'm kind of like that with art stuff. Well, my favorite is probably your nightmare.hahaha. Adam - I love that weird guy.

MYRA said...

Great creations you've made!! 8-)
I tend to make the bigger quilt tops, and then they just sit there...
Smaller projects are easier to finish... I seem to be at a stand still right now... 8-(
I've lost interest in American/Canadian Idol shows, as well as Dancing with the Stars... Biggest Looser Couples is holding my interest right now though...
Some commercials are just down right stupid these days...
Enjoy the quilt show! 8-)

Patty said...

I don't know about you, but it seems all companies think sex will sell any and everything. We use to have a couple of local day time shows, Ruth Lyons 50/50 club and the Paul Dixon show, both out of Cincinnati. Most of their commercials they did themselves by holding up the product and talking about it.

I should start keeping track of commercials I dislike so much I wouldn't buy their product if they paid me to try it. Perhaps we should all start doing this and letting the companies know why we wouldn't buy their item, they might start making commercials for adults and I don't mean commercials with sex as their main topic.

Then we wonder why our small children try to act and look so old for their age, it's thrown at them during prime time when kids are watching TV. And they assume that's ok, unless they have an adult sitting with them explaining why the commercial is bad. Some companies have crossed the line into really bad taste.

Enjoy the quilt show you're going to.

Brenda said...

I tried to watch 24 this year because I had watched it a few years ago. I quickly realized I didn't recognize anyone except Jack. I was so confused I figured I would just have to watch it all from, the beginning someday.
I am pretty sure you could make a quilt with stitch witchery...seriously. Someday we should go to a show together...quilt or knitting...either one.

When I hand quilt I sit in a comfy chair and the quilt is in a lap frame. I would never be able to quilt with a large frame and sit hunched over. I don't know how women do that. Ouch!!!

Hahhha....still not saying who the nightmare is. In all fairness, I shouldn't have said anything because I really only watched it for the first time last night.

You are one of the ladies who amaze me with all that you accomplish. Will be showing off my pictures when I get back. Not leaving until next Thursday. Can't wait!

I agree with stop buying the products. I never go to Hardees anyway, but used to like Burger King. I rarely eat at any of them. Commercials are so annoying, except for the one about the lady getting a swifter mop. Love that one!

MuseSwings said...

Vacation time sounds like a great idea! Commercials - most of the time I can't even figure what they're about. Selling sex and noise and absurdity. Thank goodness for the mute button. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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