Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Guessing Game

Because I am too tired to do anything else, here is a game.
Can you find the dog in this photo?

Can you tell what this is?


Myra said...

Yup! Found the dog... and the bottom photo is fungus growing on a tree trunk...How is that for quick! 8-)

Rudee said...

I found the doggie too. Those look like mushrooms in the bottom photo, but to be safe, I'll just say it's a fun guy.

Mary said...

I had to click on the photo to find the dog :-) Cute! I've never seen fungi with that much color on it. The blue and yellow are very startling!

Patty said...

I see the dog laying between the flower pots, had to enlarge the photo first. The other looks like Myra says, fungus growing on a tree. Did you make it that colorful, or was it just that way?

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