Friday, May 1, 2009

Open Doors

Just a little journal of what I have been up to the past couple of days. Our bathroom needed to have the shower area replaced and the work began yesterday. The front door stayed open pretty much all day long, because it sticks and they had to carry things in and out most of the day. I told them to just leave it open. Clifford, our dog, had to stay on a leash next to me all day. I tried putting him in the laundry room and he howled and broke through the fence. He is not used to being confined. In other words he is very spoiled. He is a good dog for sure, but he hasn't had to obey very many rules around here. So, it was a day of knitting and watching TV with Clifford's leash attached to my foot or wrist. With the front door open all day, all the fresh air overwhelmed me. It was a cool crisp day, and as I was knitting the prayer shawl I caught myself nodding off. I would startle myself awake wondering if Clifford had escaped, but there he was, each time, right by my side. I had one of the news channels on all day, Fox or CNN, don't know which. I so rarely watch TV during the day and only watch the local news occasionally.

The swine flu reports got worse as the day went on. We may have a couple of cases here in our area. I will turn on the news later and see if it was confirmed or not. I heard if you are willing to fly, you can get some really good deals on vacations. With all of the house repairs we have had lately, I don't see that happening for us, unless they get down to $50.

Here is a picture I took of my first sock that I will call "Finally".....meaning that I made one that resembles a sock. I lost count of how many times I have tried to make a sock and frogged it because I would have never worn it. At least this one fit my foot. I was still unable to get the toe to look like it should look. I feel I am on the right track though to possibly making more someday.

Here is the prayer shawl I started. It is very simple and kinda boring. Cast on about 60 stitches and then knit one purl one and then knit in purl and purl in knit. ..zzzzzzz.. The only thing that kept me awake was thinking and praying for the person that is to receive it.

The first picture is one that I took at the Nashville Quilt show last year. I liked how the doors were open and you could see through to the other side. My open door yesterday reminded me of that picture. I was also recalling a saying maybe my Mom or Dad used to say when we used to leave doors open. "Shut the aren' t being raised in a barn!" Strange saying really....because when I was growing up, no one locked their doors, cars or homes.


Betty Flocken said...

Oh Brenda! Your home is BEAUTIFUL. I love those breezy days and nodding off.

Rudee said...

I love the top picture. Maybe when I win the lotto tonight I'll buy a house with a foyer like that!

Clifford is such a good boy...

ooh-my word verification is belotme. If I win, so do you. With 220,000,000 to throw around, why not?

Winifred said...

Is that a pool in the hallway or just an extra shiny floor? Looks gorgeous.

Your sock looks absolutely fine but did you only do one? Did you give up like me on my crochet thingy. I'm being cheeky here Brenda

Poor Clifford it must have driven him mad being stuck in one place.

We had to have our whole shower replaced a year ago after my husband broke the glass door cleaning it! It's been a nightmare, it has now leaked under the floor tiles. We didn't have any problems beofre so I could scream!

We're due to go on holiday soon so I hope it doesn't spread to Rhodes!

My Mam had a siliar saying to yours when we didn't shut the front door, she used to say "Were you born in a field"? Like you we didn't lock our doors and left our stuff all over the place. It was draughty with the doors wide open though!

cat's momma said...

So I'm confused. At first I thought that was the door into your house...then in reading it seems like it has to do with the quilt show or something. Whatever that pictures is, I love it!

Gramma Ann said...

Did you ever make the other sock? What will you do with just one sock? Maybe use it to dust the furniture? It looks like a sock to me, toe and all. I am a crocheter, so don't know much about knitting. Well, I hope the shower turns out well and Clifford gets to run all around the house again.

Brenda said...

I see I confused you...that first picture was at a resort.

Sure....ha will forget you ever heard of me when you win that money. You will be so busy out buying up all the land you can find and fill it with every kind of animal you can shear. Ha....I know you!

That is an extra shiny floor. Yes I only made one sock because I started on the other project. I think I just wanted to see if I could do it.
Our shower had floor problems from leakage, so it was kinda a pain, but it is fixed now.
Can't wait to see your holiday pictures!

I see I confused you also. That picture was from a resort I went to last summer. When I had the doors open yesterday that picture just came to mind.

Yes, it is a loner for the time being. I think I have heard of second sock syndrome like it is a disease or something. So perhaps many knitters only do one, for dusting or something. Ha
Yes the house and CLifford are all back to normal.

Lilly said...

Hi Brenda..Thanks for the visit to my blog. I have enjoyed looking at your blog, and want to tell you that you are very gutsy to even try making a sock. I have knitted a dish cloth and that was enough for me! I am down in sw Missouri. My first child was born in St. Charles. We lived there for a short while many moons ago. In fact it was the year that St Louis had a terrible tornado!!!!!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

I'm suppossed to have my glass sliding door to the deck converted to a french door soon. I dread it, with the animals around. They will be scared to death and nervous. But I have agreed to the venture. It's not supposed to last real long, but they always tell you that.

I love the idea of a praying shawl. I don't knit though, but have crochet, eaons ago.

Hope Clifford is back to normal now.

With all the rain we've had around here, things are looking like a lush, tropical jungle! I hope it stops soon.

Hope your weekend is going well.



Sandy said...

Well you sure had me fooled cause I thought that was your front door and I was going wow wow wow...Love the sock and shawl, etc... and really enjoyed catching up with your post. Have you also been drawing??

Patty said...

I took a few knitting classes, tried my hand at it, did poorly. At the time I was going through the change and could doze off very quickly, I found knitting was not like crocheting. With crocheting, if I dropped my hook, I could pretty much get back to what slid off and still work the pattern. Not with knitting, if I dozed off, the stitches slipped right off the needles. I ended up with 3 adult bootie like socks, and not two were close enough in size to make a pair. So I gave up, I just stick to crocheting. Hope the shower is all finished and you're enjoying a nice week-end.

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