Thursday, May 28, 2009

SSHHSS...Don't Tell.......

Here I am playing around with my husband's Mac computer.
He has lots of work stuff on there and I usually don't want to mess with it.
I couldn't resist playing with Photo Booth though yesterday.

Me being Greta Garbo....I Vant To Be Alone....

Oh Crap!!!!......I am Time Traveling......

Get Me Out Of This Fish Tank!!!!!

I am starting to look like them!

I didn't mean throw me up in the clouds!!!!

I am a light bulb.

I am so embarrassed my face is turning red.

This was a really different experience for me. I really do not like having my picture taken and never have. When I was little and used to have school photos taken I was famous for throwing them away or tearing them up. I have matured now, and simply delete them off of the digital camera. So for me to post these is a sign of some kind of maturity, although I do not know of what type.
Perhaps it is that I have become more immature in that... I just don't care any more. My goal in life now is to simply have fun!


Gramma Ann said...

I loved your little show and tell in the photo thingy on Mac. My daughter plays around with hers and sents me funny pictures of her. Sometimes I use them in "The Fun Room" and write jokes with them.

Sandy said...

wow, loved the whole series of photos, great job! I'm like you, usually won't put a picture up of myself unless it's taken far away, ha! Loved what you did with the photos....yeah have fun! I'm having a hard time with my computer posts and comments are sporadic right now...when I can get on inbetween long deep scans the kind of which take forever because they always scan through my humongous photo files too. It's too hard to explain what my computer is doing but it's a pain in the neck.

Can't get to my photo files either or email but I can download photos to my old laptop but really haven't done much of that lately, just my drawings I photo and put there.

Rudee said...

Photobooth is fun. I like the clouds and the fish tank.

Betty F said...

PERFECT Goal!!! I love the pictures. Isn't playing on a mac fun!

Patty said...

Looks like you were having a ball. Did hubby find out you were playing with his toy?

Renie Burghardt said...

That looked like fun, and I enjoyed the pictures. I am in the market for a new pc. Maybe I'll look into mac's! Then again, maybe not.

Just to have fun is a good ambition, Brenda. It's been mine for the the past few years.



Brenda said...

It was fun. You can do movies also. Does your daughter do that?

I was wondering how you have been. My computer was acting up also for the past week. But it didn't happen every time. Just sometimes. I couldn't get on your site earlier today, but did just now.

Yes, I was brave to put those on there, because you can really see me. Ha

Yes, I loved it...even if it did involve seeing myself on the screen. Ha.

Yes, the hubby found out. He has been really busy lately, but your Abe told me how to save the photos. He does some really cool things on his Mac.

If you really do need to get a new computer I would suggest looking at a Mac. They have some interesting features and I think are better about not getting viruses.

Thanks for your visits.

cat's momma said...

This was a fun you I'm always ready to delete pictures of myself unless I can manipulate them enough. Seeing photos of you, there's no reason for you to dislike your photos!!!

Dina said...

This is funny.
I saw your comment over at Wil's blog and just wanted to say congratulations on your big day. That's wonderful!
Blessings from Jerusalem.

Myra said...

An fun you look to be having!!! lol! Very kewl! 8-)

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