Friday, May 29, 2009

Thick Sharp Plastic

Today's journal is just about a pet peeve I have. That blasted thick sharp plastic that items you purchase are wrapped so TIGHTLY in there is so little space in between the item and and it to insert a knife or sharp object of some sort to get the blasted thing off of the item you purchased!!!!!!!!!!! I think these things are DANGEROUS! How many times have I cut myself on these stupid things. And why are they even on items that they don't really need to be on. My latest purchase was a cup like the picture above. The cup is already plastic. Most toys now come with so many difficultly wrapped plastic it takes forever to remove it and I think it is also bad for the environment. I think I am going to spend some time finding out who to complain to. Maybe I will start with some famous people like movie stars and singers. They can host an event to "Stop the Madness. " I may even write to the President. I am sure that he can make time to listen to this very important concern I have in between Korea threatening us.
Sorry for the rant...these little things just drive me over the edge.

Todays rant was brought to you by.....
Anti -Plastic Rapping Granny


Rudee said...

I agree. Unwrapping toys seems to be the worst. Not only is it wrapped in the hard plastic, there are always dozens of twist ties holding them in place. Where can they go when they're already encased in that plastic?

When you write the president, will you please mention those seals on CDs? Drives me nuts.

Patty said...

I agree, they are a pain in the butt plus fingers trying to remove the wrappings.

The Crusty Crone said...

I think everyone can relate to your rant, and Rudee mentioned the one I was going to growl over. CD wrappings. GGGGRRRRRR

Renie Burghardt said...

Ha, what a great idea to complain about these hard plastic wraps to the president! Tell him people want change in their wrappings!

Have a great weekend!


Gramma Ann said...

Well Brenda, I agree with you, until you cut around the edges of the hard plastic, then you have to be careful you don't cut yourself trying to pull the plastic apart and try to get to your prize. I agree about the CD's and DVD's. I thought it was just me and there was an easy way to get the wrapper off them and I just hadn't figured it out yet. I guess not.

Betty F said...

I agree! I hate all the plastic wrapping every single thing.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with a book of photos is the cost. I can do it and have done it with other books but mine would cost anybody who bought a copy, about $65.00 each. I wonder if people pay that much for a book of photos.

I guess boys will be boys. I just asked my wife, Patty, is also commented in your blog above me, if we were home alone and I was sitting on the swing set at the back of our property and she came out and I yelled, "Hey Momma...Moon Me!" would you do it and she said....

scroll down.


Brenda said...

CDs I rarely buy, but remember when my husband was on a kick of buying them a few years ago. They sell a tool to open them, but I don't remember if it worked very well.

They are a challenge. If I had arthritis in my hands, it would be impossible.

I say worse than GRRRR when I get frustrated. I don't normally cuss all that much but you should hear me when I have to open these &*!!@#$%! ridiculous contraptions!

Ha ha...yes I could use that line to capture some attention. Seems like a silly thing to complain about with so many more important things going on in the world.

No it is not just you. Don't get me started on the all of the bottles that are sealed up, like medicine and juices and on and on. I am spoiled because i remember the days when there was none of this!

I think most of agree this is a frustrating thing....

I think most people would pay this amount if it was to be a gift for someone. That is how I saw the ones at the bookstore. Also, the bookstores have good discounts many times. Your photos are awesome!

Reader Wil said...

I am with you! We had once an action which was not nice for the shopkeepers. We went to a shop, took the article we wanted to buy and removed the superfluous plastic wrappings in the shop itself, then we went to the shopkeeper and told him that this was the way we wanted it, leaving him with the plastic waste!

I want you to congratulate with your confirmation tomorrow! That's what Pentecost is about:"the feast of the first fruit, the firstlings, the new Christians." I wish you a happy and blessed day!

Sandy said...

I absolutely agree, what a pain. I just tried to open an eraser yesterday that came with some art supplies I bought and that thing was wrapped so tight...why..for God sakes, it was just an eraser.

Myra said...

I can't stand those wraps either...not at all!!!

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