Monday, May 4, 2009

What I Have Been Doing......What I Should Be Doing

Over the weekend I watched these two movies. Saturday night I watched the "What Just Happened" movie with Robert De Niro (one of my favorite actors) This movie was really bad. It was so bad the TV turned itself off in the middle of the movie. The power did not go off in the house. Just the TV. Very strange, but not really.... because the printers go on and off for no logical reason. I have been saying for years that there is a ghostly spirit that hangs out here and messes with me sometimes. This movie was supposed to be a comedy, but I only laughed for one short minute, so I don't know why Gene Shalit from the Today Show said it was "A Crackling Comedy".....
I was all set for some laughter!

Sunday night I watched "Nothing But The Truth". Very good movie. Somewhat disturbing, but it was based on a true story, and life can be disturbing at times. The prison scenes made me wonder if women's prisons are really like that. They showed what looked like more than 10 bunk beds all in one room. I wasn't expecting the ending. I thought it was going to be someone else who was her source. I don't want to give too much away just in case someone reading this may want to watch it.

While watching both movies I knitted and I am liking how the prayer shawl is coming along. The pattern is so easy, I wasn't expecting it to look very nice....but with the yarn I am using, it is turning out to look very nice, or at least I think so. I am almost done with one skein and need to use 3 total to complete it. A couple more weeks, hopefully and it will be finished.

Now on to what I should be doing! I am going to be working on my closet and sewing room. Both are a DISASTER and I am going to have enough free time this month to tackle it. Hopefully I can organize my sewing room enough so that I actually want to go in there and use it. If not then, maybe I will just donate everything in there and turn it into an exercise room. If I fail to blog or journal for of those two things happened. I am sewing or exercising.


Winifred said...

Isn't it a disappointment when you expect a film to be great and it's not.

I hope your sewing room exploits turn out well. I never sew in mine now. I keep toys and books in it. I prefer sewing downstairs in the dining room where I can look into the garden through the patio doors. Problem is when I do, we can't use the table to eat from!

flydragon said...

Ha, I love that the tv turned itself off in the middle of a bad movie. I sometimes wish mine would do that:))

Gramma Ann said...

I have not seen or heard of either one of these movies. Hahahaha the TV turned itself off because of the bad movie. That just struck me as so funny! Anyway I know I will not be watching that movie. ;)

I hope the sewing room is coming along and you will be able to enjoy visiting it and get back to your sewing routine. I don't sew so don't have that problem.

Betty Flocken said...

I love DiNiro too! I'm glad your shawl is coming along. I have to tackle my closet and my Pantry and Kitchen organization.. Since we've moved into the house!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

You are just too funny! I enjoy your posts. Between you and Rudee's knitting, I am beginning to wish I knew how to knit!

Hope you get your cleaning and organizing done, and still blog, too!



Rudee said...

I'm sure that once you organize that room that you'll want to be in there quilting again. Don't give it all away yet.

I laughed when I read the TV shut itself off in the middle of a bad movie. That's very funny.

Please check in so we at least know you didn't kill yourself exercising, OK?

Sandy said...

Wow, I realize reading this, I haven't watched a movie (new release in years, renting them that is). I've only gone out to a movie a few times in the last 10 years really.

Hope you get those things accomplished that you want to...

Are you going to show us your shawl when it's done.

MYRA said...

Lots to catch up on since I came home!!! wow!

I haven't seen those movies at all, but that is not to say I won't one day. 8-)

Your sock looks great! It needs a partner though. 8-)
Love the yarn you are using for the prayer shawl! It will be lovely...

The thought of you nodding off and coming back with a startle for Clifford is sooooo familiar to me! LOL! 8-)

Great quilt photos you've featured too!

Good luck with your sewing room, and thanks for your continued visits and comments on my blog. It makes my day! 8-)

Poetikat said...

Gene Shalit is a boob! Don't go by those who tout the films. Kev and I once watched the movie "Bitter Moon" because Roger Ebert loved it and it was utter crap!
I think the fact that your t.v. turned itself is hilarious! Very smart t.v. DeNiro has had his day (and so has Pacino) in my opinion.


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