Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have a couple of things to talk about today. One is about a trip we are planning to Hot Springs, Arkansas where they have outdoor mineral spring water baths. The other thing is about part of my day yesterday, involving another trip to the vet with our ageing dog, Clifford. Clifford is 15 and his body has been showing some signs of the ageing process that all of us must go through, if we are lucky enough to reach the age of this process. His skin is loose, he has lots of fatty tumors, not much fat around his skeletal areas to cushion them, and a heart murmur. In March he began having trouble with his anal glands, and has had a couple of rounds of antibiotics to clear that up. My son and I noticed late yesterday evening, his bottom was all swollen and red and he was in a lot of discomfort. I called the vet's office and he was seen right away. It was not his anal glands so the vet gave him a very thorough exam trying to figure out how we could help him. She said she just didn't know what else to do for him other than take an x-ray to see if his spine was causing the discomfort and possibly his brain was thinking it was his bottom and that was causing the scooting that led to the irritated area. The x-rays revealed he does have some arthritic disk areas and she gave us some medication to try and see if he gets some relief. Today he seems so much better. After the vet examined him she said that for his age he is in really good shape. If we help him along in his ageing process he just may be with us for a few more years.
My point in telling this story is more about a reflection into all of our lives, as we go through this ageing process. I know that most likely, I will reach a time when I will need some help from someone to help me as my health starts declining. I hope that I won't be too much of a burden for anyone, but I also hope that I will be treated with respect, and not pushed aside like an old pair of shoes.
These thoughts led me to wonder "When did I start to really feel this ageing process?" For me I think it started physically and mentally around age 50. That was about the time I got the aches and pains of arthritic knees, heel spurs, tendon problems, forgetfulness, and lack of energy. I used to have enormous amounts of physical energy. When that starts diminishing, depression sets in. Other than the things I just listed, I am like Clifford in that I don't have many things that others my age do, like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.
Ageing mentally is a little scary sometimes. I really forget to act my age many times. I just can't get the hang of that concept. That is just no fun at all.
So this year for my 58th birthday I will be exploring the mineral hot baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas with my hubby. Maybe we will get brave and go skinny dipping, like a couple of youngsters. What was that movie where they discovered the water of youth? I'll think of it later....


Rudee said...

Well, hopefully you won't be scooting your bum along the carpet.

Brenda, I think we get out of relationships exactly what we put into them. If we've done our jobs right, our children will be more than helpful during our times of need. At least I hope so. I've been told by my son and my daughter that I'll never see the insides of a nursing home as long as they're around. That's comforting to me.

As for aging and feeling it at around age 50, I think that's sort of common and has much to do with our hormones. I had such horrible PMS and I can say I don't miss that time of the month, but I do miss my stamina, skin tone, general feeling of well being and my figure. The rest I can continue to do without. This year, my hot flashes have pretty much dissipated and for that, I'm grateful.

Enjoy the hot springs. It sounds like a great trip.

Brenda said...

HHAAHAHAHa...Rudee you crack me up. Hopefully I won't be scooting either, but who knows.
Our kids wouldn't abandon us either. We are lucky in that regard also. Thanks for the chuckle.
I had horrible PMS also, and had that all removed at age 39 and don't miss any of it!

Sandy said...

hahaha, had to laugh at Rudee's comment. Aging sucks that's for sure. I have this pipedream that says if I can think young I'll stay young, well it doesn't hurt to try..haha. Yeah, the hormone thing, when it changed and I was only 43, a very young change of lifer, I noticed lots of stuff. Skin is a big one with me....and although for the most part I don't have too many aches and pains, etc...I just notice what I do have, more...when is your birthday?

Patty said...

Wouldn't it be nice to find that fountain and stay around 40, that's a good age.

We had one dog live to be 22, but she lost her hearing, almost all of her teeth, her body was going down hill fast, so we decided to have her put to sleep. That's so hard to decide. We now have five dogs buried in our backyard, we've lived here since 1962. And it doesn't get any easier to have them put to sleep as we get older. I suppose deep down, we think about the dog aging and then about ourselves aging and it just seems to make it harder.

Hope you have fun at the hot springs.

Winifred said...

Good news about Clifford.
Those hot springs sound like a great idea Brenda.

I've been lucky I suppose not having PMS and not noticing the menopause at all. I find I get a lot of energy from swimming, really helps me. Funny I can usually muster up the energy to do most things except anything to do with housework.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Well, first of all, I'm glad Clifford still can be helped, and will be around a few more years.

As for aging, I'm 72 and I don't feel old! And I've been told that I don't look old either. I am a type 2 diabetic, diagnosed in 2005, but I keep it in check, and feel great. I never had PMS problems either, and breezed through menopause, thank goodness. I feel good, have a lot of energy and fun, and am truly blessed with my children and good friends. I guess I'm just lucky, but I also think it's my attitude about age and life in general. To be perfectly honest, I am always surprised when women in their fifties think of themselves as old. I guess I must be weird for not thinking of myself as old at 72.

You'll enjoy Hot Springs. My one son lives near there. I have been there and enjoyed it. Not the spring itself, but the town. Lots of fun things to do there.

Speaking of hot, summer heat has arrived in my neck of the woods! Stay cool.



Gramma Ann said...

I guess I think somewhat like Rudee about the scooting that was the first thing I thought! Hahaha.

I also agree with Renie, I don't really feel old, I thought 50 was a great age and I am enjoying myself still at 68, in October I will turn 69. I have always had friends younger then me, when I say younger I mean teen-agers, which are now in their late 30s, and now I have a 17 year old friend that keeps me grounded and feeling younger than my years. Everyone thinks I am her Gramma and she introduces me sometimes as her Gramma, it just is easier and explaining that we are friends. I am also friends with her parents, they are in their 40s, I consider that young. But, I am starting to develop the aches and pains that come with age, my knees just started to bother me about 2 or 3 months ago. So I think if I could lose weight that would help the knees, but I have no will-power...

Brenda said...

I was 39 and had a complete hysterectomy, so we were close to the same age going through the change. My birthday if the 4th of July. I have never felt like I have a real birthday, because it is all about the holiday. I think here in America everyone celebrates on that day and my birthday takes a backseat. My husband's birthday is on Valentine's day so he has the same problem. My daughter shared her birthday with my Dad. That really thrilled him because she was scheduled to be born the day after.

40 was a great age. But I also remember thinking...I'm 40 so I am old. I guess most of us did.
Wow...22 is a very long life for a dog. You have had 5 and got to bury them in your yard. I would love to be able to do that, but we couldn't where we are.

Yes, I think many women have very little trouble with the womanly things. My experiences weren't as bad as some women and not as good as some. I think it all worked out for the best to have it all end at an early age.

You are so right about the attitude. On the days when my attitude is good I feel great! I just don't have that attitude everyday, unfortunately.

Mary said...

I think 50 was when I began to feel it, too. I seem to have so much less energy now and look at tasks with such a lack of enthusiasm. I hate that! I hope you enjoy the hot springs! If it rejuvenates you, we will all be heading that way. I love that picture in the post.

Myra said...

What a sad topic...
I have felt old beyond my years for the last 7... and I am only turning 49 this year... Bad knees and back slowed me down a lot, then depression sets in, and thyroid problems come up. Motivation, concentration, and memory is a constant battle, and the last year has been the start of the monthly changes... There has been times that I feel like I am still a mid 20-something year old, being held prisoner in a 70-80 year old body... Heck, I know some 70 year olds that are in better health than I am!!! I wonder if playing around with my hormones is something I should look into, but then I think of the risks with that... Aging sucks!!!
Good thing we don't dwell on these "issues" everyday!!! Wow!!!

Glad you've been able to get some help for your Cliffie... Maybe I should go and see my vet!?! lol! I'm not scooting my butt...

Myra said...

PS: Enjoy your trip to the hot springs Brenda!

Rositta said...

As I lie here looking at the nails coming out of my toes I know exactly what you mean. I didn't really start feeling old per se until my mother died two years ago. My Mom never saw the inside of a nursing home either and my son has always said that he'd take care of me and his wife agrees. I think that's when it hit me that yup, someday it's my turn as well. Meanwhile I'll just go through the rest of my life acting like I feel, a young fool mostly...ciao

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