Friday, June 19, 2009

Memories of Plant Woman

My week went really well up until tonight.
Some volunteer work I am involved with left me feeling frazzled.
I came on the computer to unwind.
I tried to think of something to put my mind in a better space.
Then I remembered "Plant Woman".
I took these photos last summer at Opryland Resort while I was there at a Quilt Show.
Here she is on stilts and covered with ivy.

Here she is with one leg up.
Her guard is the lady on the right.
She stayed nearby where ever she gracefully moved to.

I feel like climbing the walls sometimes also.
Especially tonight.

This woman had to be a gymnast or dancer or ballerina.
She moved about so gracefully and stood so poised.

I can't even walk in high heels anymore.

Anybody seen my guard?

Let me provide you with a little shade mam.


flydragon said...

I'm sorry your week ended on a sour note, but these pics certainly made me laugh. Hope they worked for you too:)

Myra said...

Sorry your week ended on a frazzled note... Hopefully you are feeling some better today...
Very interesting entertainment there Brenda. Never heard of such... 8-)

The Crusty Crone said...

hahaha What a clever idea come to life!! Thanks for sharing it with us. May today be 100% better than yesterday.

Gramma Ann said...

Sorry to hear about your "Frazzled Friday" I remember those pics from last year, my how time flies. No wonder I'm beginning to think I know you, after all this blogging are there any secrets left? LOVED IT THE SECOND TIME AROUND even more...

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