Monday, June 29, 2009

A Quiet Day

Not much going today. A pretty quiet day. We had someone come over early this morning to give us an estimate on a skylight. Then Maddie and Brian came to swim for a little while. Then I dyed my hair and watched a car chase scene on the news while I was waiting for the dye to time out. I still haven't heard the end of the story about the 1 and 1/2 hour long chase. I had to wash the dye out and then when I came back they had moved on to something else on the news. The chase scene looked like something on one of those video games. Very strange how it could all be viewed from a helicopter, but nothing was working as far as being able to stop the criminal. I think they tried twice to put up spikes in the road to flatten his tires and had no success. Maybe I will find out later what the whole story was on that news piece.
I went outside this morning and tried taking some pictures of the only flowers we have right now. The lilies. I didn't buy any flowers this year, so when these go, we are without flowers.
I still do not know how to use my new camera that I got for Christmas and went outside to try some different settings on it.... with not much success. I am hoping that our trip later in the week will have some good photo opts and that I will ready to snap some good shots. More practice tomorrow. And I may try to shop for a nice big shade hat to wear when I go digging for gems and diamonds. I hear that is what all the ladies are wearing out in the gem fields this year and I need to be in with the latest fashion.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Your yellow lilies are lovely. Mine are blooming as well, and I love them. The orange ones stopped a while ago, but the yellow's continue.

We had such a beautiful day, well, weekend. Not as hot and no humidity, which makes outdoor activities more fun. Went to Mammoth Spring State Park today in Arkansas and really enjoyed it.

You're going to dig for gems? In Arkansas? That's neat. I have a big shade hat and wear it on the boat on the river to keep the sun from putting more wrinkles on my face! My daughter bought it for me. It has a pretty ribbon tie on with it, so it doesn't blow off. Hope you find one. Have fun on your trip. Hope you find some gems!!



Gramma Ann said...

Haha...I was watching the car chase also today. It ended when the guy ran a red light and a big pick-up truck hit him right on the drivers side. The man in the pick-up was alright, but whether the crazy guy in the car survived or not I never heard. The fire-truck rescue truck came and used the thingys they use to cut the door off and get the guy out, and off they went with him to a hospital somewhere.

I don't even think the man in the pick-up truck even saw him before he hit him. He probably got a scare, and wondered; What the heck was that?

I hope that made sense, and I hope you have a fun week-end with the new camera and look forward to all the lovely pictures you take.

Rudee said...

I hope you find the mother lode while gem hunting. How fun would that be?

I like the lily plants this year. They all seem to be doing so well after our late spring. Or in our case, the lack of spring. I bought impatiens and gerbera daisies to add a little color to the joint. They're all looking lush.

Reader Wil said...

I love your lilies! I have no lilies in my garden myself, but took the opportunity to take photos of the orange ones I saw in the garden of my French/Dutch friends.

The Crusty Crone said...

I have no personal experience with skylights, but my mother had one. Oh. My. Gawd. Did it ever get hot in the summer. That skylight let the heat in... she finally got my brother to climb up on the roof and cover it. That made a big difference with the heat. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but its something to consider.

Lilies are beautiful.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks for your visit and comment. If you see a building in your country with wall anchors could you take photos please?

Patty said...

We have lots of lilies blooming right now. But Abe planted a lot of Hosta's and they do get these flowers on them later, but mostly they are just a nice green plant that takes no care, just my speed. I don't have a green thumb like Abe does. Plus they come up every year on their own. Almost all the flowers we have anymore, come up on their own. We did sprinkle some wild flower seeds here and there this year.

A long time ago, I use to color my hair, and I never seemed to have time to get back to the beauty shop to have it properly taken care of and I wasn't handy doing something like that myself, so one day I said, let's frost it. We did, I let it grow out and my own hair came in frosted, but now it's more salt then pepper and sometimes I think about using a rinse on it to make it a little more pepper, but just hate to try it. I guess I figure at my age, I have earned every white/gray hair on my head and I'm just thankful I have the few I have. LOL

Have a nice trip later in the week. Our non blogging daughter and her partner go gem mining quite a lot. They also go looking for sharks teeth and other items like that. Doesn't sound like fun to me, walking around these open fields looking for stuff you may or may not find. But have fun.

Myra said...

A lovely yellow lily you have there Brenda! 8-)
When you mention watching the car chase by helicopter, I am reminded of watching the OJ chase like that...
Gem digging? Sounds interesting!
Have a great day!

bettyjf1 said...

Oh I'd love a skylight--- about 4 of them in my entry and hallways. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm sorry they'll be going away soon.

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