Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suffering from Cervicatisvertebraefusionputerstrainitis

Okay...I totally made that word up. I love to make up words or combine several into one. But....my neck has been killing me for......several years. One doctor told me it was probably arthritis.....maybe he just took a wild guess, because I am sooooooo old. One year I went to a chiropractor and had x-rays and asked her if she could tell if I had arthritis in my neck. She said no. So that leaves me to think I spend too much time on the computer in a not so healthy positioning of my neck. I think I had better start setting a timer and not staying on here for more than 30 minutes.
I have been working on a new blog about family recipes, but haven't opened it up to the public yet. I am still fine tuning it. I am planning on purging a large amount of items in our house and the cookbooks are leaving. I will just be saving some of my favs on the new blog. I have over 100 cookbooks that I have collected over the past 40 years. I used to love to cook. I really don't even like it a little bit any more. I do it out of necessity. Last week I drove through a fast food place and looked at the hamburger and I thought "What the bloody hell is this????" It just did not look like hamburger meat. A few experiences like that is enough to make me want to cook my own food. I was hoping that by reviewing some of these old recipes of mine, the enjoyment of cooking would come back to me....so far it hasn't. Perhaps the image of that sandwich may entice me.


Poetikat said...

You'd be really good at the game, "Balderdash".

I hope you find the "joy" in cooking again. I love to cook.


Rudee said...

I don't like the thought of cooking, but once I get into it, I like the act of it. You know, my kids still talk about their Grandmother's food. Both of them were good cooks and now they're gone and in my mother in law's case, I could kick my self in the butt for never having learned how to make her dumplings. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your grandbaby-and get her in the kitchen with you (once she's out of her diapers).

Winifred said...

I like your new look Brenda.

I don't like cooking either but luckily my husband does. Unfortunately he is still working so it is mainly down to me. I think it's the shopping to have all the ingredients that irritates too and then the washing up. It's a thankless task that I'll never enjoy.

I used to have really bad problems with my neck, shoulder, ar,m & wrist when I worked. I got a special chair fitted and wrist rest to use the computer.

Now I find I have no problems if use the laptop on my knee and lean back against the cushions. I can be on it for ages. However if I sit upright at the table my neck aches after half an hour. It's definitely about finding the right position for you when you're using the computer.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you could consider putting the cookbooks on e-Bay.

Patty said...

My one doctor told me to get up from the computer and move around every half hour or so. And to make sure I move my head from side to side. I had a whole body scan and was told old arthur is in my right foot (which never bothers me )and my left knee. Ok, then what makes other parts ache and hurt so much. And talk about being stiff, when I first wake up, not able to close my hands for at least 15 mins or longer. If we take a car ride, the knees and hips are so stiff when I get out of the car, I have to stand there a few mins and get my bearings. One doctor told me about 30 years ago I had rheumatoid, and then after doctoring me for 15 years, told me I have osteoarthritis. Medicine made my ears ring so bad, and I felt so dizzy, I quit taking it and quit going to that doctor. I take like two super strength Tylenol morning and evening. I found Motrin caused my ankles to swell. And when I've had enough, I go see my family doctor and he gives me some kind of steroid shot, but he won't do it any more often then twice a year and doesn't like to do it even then. But it's amazing how much better I feel, even if it's only for about five days.

I also use to love to cook and try new recipes, not anymore, if I had the money, we would eat out, or I would bring it in. I don't hate cooking, but it's on my not so favorite list of things I don't like to do. LOL I would rather run the mower then the sweeper. Mowing, you go back and forth, pretty much in a straight line, when I sweep, I'm moving that baby all over the place, and that causes, the shoulders, hips and lower back to start hurting. Yes, it's hell growing older, and I'm a lot older then you. Hang in there, will be waiting to see your new blog, when it's ready, let me know.

Betty F said...

Yikes! That reminds me! I'm suppose to make Katie's recipe book for her today. I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe book

Myra said...

Well Brenda, I hope you are able to get some pain relief in your neck soon...
I'm with you on cooking...I've got at least 50 cookbooks that rarely get opened, cause I rarely cook these days... When I do cook, I don't like what I've made, though the family says it tastes as good as it always has... go figure? 8-(

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Brenda,

Cervi...what? Haha. What a word.

I don't spend that much time at the computer, and when I do, I am pretty comfortable, since I have a laptop.

Like you, I have a bunch of cookbooks. Some Hungarian ones, even. But I no longer cook much. Only when my family comes to visit. I do fix quick things for myself in the microwave, but that's not really cooking. I do eat out a lot. Usually, we eat out 4 days out of the week, every week. Then when at the cabin, we just grill a few things and have a huge salad with it. I guess I'm just too lazy anymore.

I look forward to your cooking blog though. Maybe some of your recipes will entice me to cook again.

Have a good evening.



Brenda said...

I have seen that game but have never played it.

I may end up boxing these books up for the grandkids. The blog is too much trouble.

I know that would help my neck problem. I think I will move this into the family room. I don't know how people sit in front of a computer all day unless they have the right size desk and chair, etc.

Yes, I thought about that. The last time I sold on ebay it wasn't very profitable, but I may give it a try again, especially the antique ones that I have.

You had a whole body scan? That must have answered a lot of questions about your health. I know what you mean about the lawn mowing. It is easier than vacuuming. I have a Kirby vacuum that feels like a lawn mower, especially when you carry it up and down stairs. Ha..

You can do it when you get back...have fun on your trip.

I think I have just cooked too many meals over the years to get very excited about it anymore. I guess that happens to a lot of us. I still like home cooked food the best though.

Gramma Ann said...

Oh I love your word for your aches and pains. You are much younger than me and I am beginning to get pain in my knees, I think if I could lose weight that would take care of some of the pain. It isn't bad yet it just started about two months ago.

As far as cooking, I think when the family grows up and moves away, and we are back to just the two of us, the cooking desire goes out the door. I had to start learning to cook all over for just two people. Now I have trouble trying to think up menus when I have company coming. Now I have adjusted to cooking for two, cooking for more makes me nervous. We eat our lunch out a few days a week. But mostly just $5.00 subway subs. ;)

I hope you will soon be feeling better, and like Renie I use a laptop and set here in my Lazyboy Recliner. The one that was in the header of "My Reading Corner" blog, if you remember that picture. So no neck ache yet for me. My eyes are my problem, they are not as good as I would like them to be. But like Patty said: "It's hell growing older...so just hang in there." ;) And "Balderdash" is one of my favorite games. I haven't played it in years...Thanks Kat for reminding me of it....

The Crusty Crone said...

hahahaha Love your new word. It seems to fit perfectly. The longer I'm around the more I appreciate my youth...wasted though it was. Hope you feel better soon.

(Neck pain/strainitis... I kept wondering if you had your monitor screen at the right height so you don't need to look down (or up). Wide books stacked on each other, with monitor on top, can be used for a temporary 'riser' to see if it helps.)

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